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TaylorMade has being developing its myRoundPro online scoring service since it was launched in 2015 and for 2018 it has been relaunched as an app only service.

In the past it had been linked to the Microsoft Band which I reviewed but now the preferred hardware partner for helping you gather shot data is Samsung with its Gear Smartwatches and Smart Fitness Bands.

TaylorMade myRoundPro GPS Scoring Golf App

This is ideal if you don't want to use your phone on the course, but the great thing about the myRoundPro app is that you don't have to buy a shot recording watch device or install tags in order to use it as you can record the shot data without one for free.

The myRoundPro app is free to download to your Apple or Android phone and acts like a normal GPS app with hole overviews and distances to hazards and the front, middle and back of each green.

The app finds all the local courses quickly and easily when you start it up and then you just select the course you are playing and head to the tee. Once there, you see the yardages for the hole and you can tap the screen for lay-up distances.

However if you want to go to the next level and track your shots, then on the hole screen just click the red Shot circle in the bottom right and it brings up the list of clubs in your bag, which you can configure by product name in your account profile.

TaylorMade myRoundPro GPS Scoring Golf App

Simply select the club you are going to hit and then app marks the GPS position of where you are and then when you repeat for the next shot, it then knows how far you have hit the ball with that club. If you miss a location you can insert the shot later manually.

As you will probably have the GPS screen open anyway for distance information, this well thought out user interface makes it very quick and easy to record club information and shot position without you having to rely on tags or other devices to recognise when you are making a swing.

When you get to the green you don't have to start recording flag and putt positions if you don't want to, as the interface can be used easily after you have holed out.

When you click 'Shot' and then select Putter, the app first asks you to mark the position of the flag. The simplest way to do this is to stand next to it and wait 10 seconds or so for the GPS on your phone to update and then tap the screen to move the flag marker across.

TaylorMade myRoundPro GPS Scoring Golf App

Then you select Next and then do the same with the position of the ball to mark the start point of the first putt. Adding extra putts is done by tapping the screen wherever the ball stops.

A lot of scoring apps struggle to get accurate and meaningful data from putts on the green, but the myRoundPro system is one of the better ones. You can leave all the flag and putt marking until after you have holed out by sliding the markers around when you are standing beside the green or even on the next tee, which is handy if you forget to tag things when you are on the green.

So if you are a regular GPS user then you will find that the myRoundPro hardly interferes with your game at all and you don't have to wear anything to get all the data.

However as I have mentioned before, the second part of the equation with these types of devices and services is that you not only have to collect the data, but then also do something constructive with it.

TaylorMade uses the Strokes Gained analysis that the PGA Tour uses in order to compare you to all the other golfers on their system in the same handicap range.

You can sort the information by date, course or round and it will break it down by each category of your game. You can analyse putting, driving, short game, approaches and even see which side of the fairway you miss most often on or which club you use the most to tailor your practise.

TaylorMade myRoundPro GPS Scoring Golf App

It is really one of the most comprehensive services and the analysis is in-depth enough to give you very good overview of your game. See the video below for more details on how the app works and what you can do with the data.

The myRoundPro app might make it a good starting point for anyone looking to test out a game analysis service before buying one of the compatible Samsung devices or even investing in one of the more dedicated wearable systems from specialist golf suppliers.

The only downsides I can see are that you have to enter club and hole data as you go around so it will have to become part of your game, whereas other systems require less input from you so you can just go and play. From a technical point of view you will also be relying on the quality of your smart phone's GPS signal, internet access for maps and battery life, which might not be as good as a dedicated golf GPS device.

However the real killer for the rest is that the myRoundPro app is free to download and use. Yes, the Samsung devices will 'enhance' the experience of data collection, but if you prefer not to wear anything on your wrist or have tags on your clubs then just using the myRoundPro app by itself will still give you GPS yardages and collect all the shot data using a clean and simple interface.

This is one of the best, well thought out and useful GPS and scoring apps in the market, so download it and see if it can improve your game.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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TaylorMade myRoundPro Golf App

TaylorMade myRoundPro Golf App - Product Details

UK Launch01 January 2018
USA Launch01 January 2018
GolferMens, Women
App TypeGPS
Operating SystemsiPhone, Android
Size (MB)90MB
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

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