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By Andrew Noyce

Most of us already walk around with a GPS enabled device in our pockets. Our smartphones.

SkyCaddie has decided to take advantage of this fact by releasing a Mobile GPS App for iOS and Android that brings their 100% ground-verified and error-corrected course maps to the device of your choice.

The Mobile App is SkyCaddie's latest delivery method for golfers looking to use GPS on the course and is seen as an ideal entry point for golfers not yet ready to invest in a dedicated device.

SkyCaddie have a mission to provide a 'SkyCaddie for Every Golfer' and SkyCaddie Mobile achieves this as well as providing extra benefits for current SkyCaddie customers with existing eligible memberships.

SkyCaddie Mobile App

As SkyCaddie Mobile runs on a smartphone rather than a precision engineered GPS specific device the App is not a direct replacement for the accuracy of a dedicated SkyCaddie. However the company believe the accuracy of their mapping process means they are in strong position to quickly become established as the best and highest-rated Golf GPS App on the market.

The basic SkyCaddie Mobile App comes as a free download from the Apple App and Google Play stores and provides a range of features including course ratings and scorecards, as well as useful information from courses such as prices and dress codes.

It also gives the ability to capture basic statistics, such as fairways hit, for future performance analysis as well as capturing highlights of your round with an integrated camera feature.

To unleash the potential of the SkyCaddie Mobile app as a golf GPS however, you'll need to upgrade to the Premium version which you can do via an in-app purchase and costs £20.95 per year. If you are already an eligible SkyCaddie member you get access to the Premium version of the app at no extra charge, meaning you can use this in conjunction with your existing SkyCaddie device to complement your on course experience.

SkyCaddie Mobile App

Premium membership opens up the App to many of the same features that are available across SkyCaddie's range of dedicated GPS devices, including:

  • Access to the library of frequently updated TruGround Course Maps and distances provided by your phone's GPS location signal.
  • Interactive HoleVue that gives an HD overview of the entire hole featuring any important distances from tee to green allowing you to avoid hazards.
  • Detailed Green information showing the exact shape with distances to front, centre and back of the green.
  • Auto hole advance so that the distances you want are ready for you when you want them.
  • Measure Any Shot to help golfers chart how far they actually hit each club.

The SkyCaddie Mobile Premium App also gives you membership to SkyGolf 360, allowing you to store information in the cloud and use it's advanced scoring and statictics features.

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SkyCaddie Mobile Golf App

SkyCaddie Mobile Golf App - Product Details

UK Launch20 February 2015
App TypeGPS
Operating SystemsiPhone, Android
Manufacturer's WebsiteSkyCaddie Website

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