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The Srixon Z H45 hybrid takes over from the Cleveland in this category as the hybrid brand from the Srixon Cleveland company.

Whilst it is not exactly the same, there are echoes of Cleveland hybrids past in the Z H45 and that is a good thing.

Srixon Z H45 Hybrid

The understated sleek lines are still there in a head, which is a little longer and shallower than the Cleveland 588 Hybrid. At address it sits very well with a toe heavy shape that has a little offset and where the silver face contrasts with the black crown.

Srixon Z H45 Hybrid

What you can't see is that Srixon has made the H45 head a little heavier, lowered the Centre of Gravity (CG) and added a HT1770 Maraging steel face to increase ball speed.

Srixon Z H45 Hybrid

The grip on the 70g Mitsubishi Kuro Kage HBP shaft is lighter and the balance point has been raised and these features combine to make the swing generate more club head speed.

Srixon Z H45 Hybrid

The Z H45 certainly did feel light to swing and these benefits carried on through to the sound and impact, which were both very good.

It was versatile on all surfaces from fairway to semi-rough and it was easy to vary the height from the medium high trajectory, so this is a better players' hybrid rather than a super-forgiving all-rounder.

Srixon Z H45 Hybrid

The toe heavy design does make it easy to draw the ball, but putting a fade on it seemed much harder, so if that is your preferred shape then definitely try before you buy.

Srixon Z H45 Hybrid

The Z range is marketed as a tour proven range, so the anti-fade bias does seem a little one-dimensional for this level of product, but the forgiveness and versatility are a plus.

There is a lot of competition in this sector from slightly more neutral hybrids that cost the same or less, but the Srixon Z H45 does look very classic and does the job well, so it is worth considering.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Srixon Z H45 Hybrid - Product Details

UK Launch01 October 2014
UK Launch RRP£190
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Right Handed Lofts16°, 19°, 22°
Swing WeightD2
Shaft NameMRC Kuro Kage Black HBP 60
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff, X Stiff
Shaft Weight61g, 63g, 65g
GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet Black
Number/Loft2/16°, 3/19°, 4/22°
Manufacturer's WebsiteSrixon Website

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