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Softness is a key word in golf ball design at present and Srixon has really gone for it by naming their softest ball ever the UltiSoft.

Srixon UltiSoft Golf Ball

This two piece ball uses a new core to keep the compression at 40 and deliver a soft feel on and around the greens.

Srixon UltiSoft Golf Ball

There is not much sound feed back when you are chipping and putting with the UltiSoft and, especially if you are using an insert putter, you will need to give it a firm stroke.

Srixon UltiSoft Golf Ball

As I discovered in my Srixon ball interview with Jeff Brunski the aim of the UltiSoft is to create a soft feeling ball with good distance for slow swing speed players.

Srixon UltiSoft Golf Ball

I did some testing on SkyTrak and with my reasonably high swing speed the UltiSoft was shorter than a market leading premium tour ball.

However the UltiSoft is for sub-90mph swings rather than my supersonic blur and compared to the slightly firmer Srixon AD333 Tour golf ball you can see that it fared well.

Srixon UltiSoft Golf Ball

This does not mean that it is better or worse, it just depends on your swing speed whether one will be better for you than another and slower swing speeds may well give the opposite result.

Srixon UltiSoft Golf Ball

With a wedge the results were the other way round as the extra compression at impact gives it that extra edge over the firmer AD333 Tour at the lower swing speed of a short iron.

Srixon UltiSoft Golf Ball

Part of this is down to the ionomer based cover, which provides a little more distance than the thinner urethane cover of the AD333 Tour.

Srixon AD333 Tour & UltiSoft Golf Balls

The UltiSoft cover held up pretty well to some hard treatment from my wedges and whilst the feel was very soft, the UltiSoft is a quality ball that offers good value and performance for slower swing speed players.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Srixon UltiSoft 2016 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch30 March 2016
UK Launch RRP£32
USA Launch30 March 2016
Handicap Range
Ball Construction2-Piece
Ball FeelSoft
Colour OptionsWhite
Quantities3, 12
Manufacturer's WebsiteSrixon Website

User Reviews

Ron Hollaardt
December 2017

I’m 53 and play off 10 with a not so fast swing speed, I have been using Callaway SuperSoft for about 2 years and was given a Srixon UltiSoft. Have played 2 rounds with it and must say am extremely impressed with it. Off the tee was straighter and slightly longer, irons, chipping and putting very similar. Overall for me a better ball, my next purchase of balls will be Srixon UltiSoft.. Well done Srixon..

April 2017

I won a box in South Africa whilst on holiday and found them very soft and cost me some distance . However I have played about 40 rounds with them now and only lost 1 . The balls seem to fly straighter even when miss hit. One ball played 7 rounds before it went into my practice bag. The balls play well of all clubs and I have now got used to hitting 1 more club for second of third shots and guess what I am getting from tee to green in regulation

January 2017

I'm a 6 handicapper, was once 2, and due to health issues my swing has shortened and my clubhead speed has greatly reduced. My pro recommended the Ultisoft as ideal for reduced swing speeds and he was spot on ! I find the ball flies beautifully from all clubs, and unlike some other people who have posted here I personally do not find the ball to be very soft around the greens - its name refers I think to its ease of compression not to how it chips and putts. I've always hated chipping and putting with a ball that feels like a rice pudding, I like a little 'pop' off the club but obviously not too much, and, for me, this ball strikes a perfect balance, very nice feel and very 'positive' off the club.

January 2017

I trialled this ball yesterday and was quite impressed considering it's not really designed for a low handicapper like me or for someone with higher than average swing speeds like myself. I didn't notice any noticeable change in distance to any other premium ball I use. The ball seemed to bite ok on the greens with full iron shots in. The feel is extremely soft, like butter and unlike any other ball I've hit, This is especially true off the putter face. It was tricky at first gauging how hard to hit the ball with the putter because it felt so soft.

I did seem to notice the ball jumped off the face of my wedges when chipping around the greens and seemed to roll out a bit more than the balls I normally use, but once I allowed for that I didn't have too many issues. All in all an excellent ball with a great feel unlike any other on the market.

June 2016

Fantastic ball for a 64 year old hcp 6.6 player. The feel around the green and putting is amazing. My new favourite ball (I've previously played AD333 Tour and NXT TourS).

April 2016

I have been trialling the Ultisoft for a few rounds and think that it is a good ball for what it says it does. As a senior with a slow speed I was interested in trialling it as I have been losing distance.

Driving, I seem to hit it a couple of yards further than other soft balls.

Putting is sublime of my Versa 7 putter and it feels great.

Chipping, the jury is out, as I don't seem to get any stop, and compared to a Callaway SuperSoft I need to drop the ball a lot shorter if I am not to overshoot the green! Maybe when the weather gets warmer it might improve!

It does feel really nice off the irons and has a slightly higher ball flight.

In the wind it keeps much straighter than a lot of balls.

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