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As a long term electric trolley user, one of the things that does get a little irritating is the ground. It's never completely flat even when it looks like it is.

Always up and down, up and down and usually on a links course my ball comes to rest on a slight downslope in the fairway when I need to hit a 3-wood and bad things happen.

Maybe my temperature is raised by continually having to adjust the speed dial to keep the trolley from either dragging me down the fairway like Wile-e Coyote tethered to a rocket or slowing down and getting under my feet like walking with a toddler.

Over time you do get used to this, but it is something else to think about and there is already enough going on in my head on the course, so the return of the dial free PowaKaddy Touch is something to be welcomed.

PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley

I say return because the first iteration of the Touch was launched in 2010 and the concept remains the same, but the package has been improved.

Firstly the 2016 PowaKaddy Touch now uses the traditional curved PowaKaddy frame that is tried and trusted and is one of the few that can fit a Tour Bag on front first.

It also features the Bag Lock system where the shape of the front 'footplate' fits into the similar shaped gap on the base of all PowaKaddy bags and some other models to lock them in place securely after you have put the bungee cords on.

PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley

This gives it a much more stylish look and everything you know and love about PowaKaddy trolleys is just the same apart from the new Touch handle.

The generous oval handle is the speed controller and once you have connected the battery, ensure that the handle is pulled back to the top of the stem and then push the red button on the underside of the handle next to the USB recharger to turn it on.

PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley

The top of the handle then glows with a red circle and you are ready to go.

PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley

All you do is walk and as you do so, the handle slides forward, the lights changes to rotating green and power is applied to the wheels.

PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley

The faster you walk, the more the handle slides down the handle and the faster it goes and vice versa, so it adjusts to your speed rather than the other way around. The range of travel on the 2016 Touch handle is less than on the 2010 model which makes controlling the speed easier.

PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley

PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley

It does take a little getting used to as the temptation is to push down quite firmly to start with, but then you do the Wile-e Coyote thing, so just give it a firm British handshake and walk shoulders back, chest out and it will trot along like a faithful labrador in front of you.

As you reduce your pace the Touch slows down gradually as the handle moves back up and emergency stops can be achieved with a more sudden 'heel' action by pulling the handle right back up.

It's all very clever stuff and once you have got the hang of it, it is a carefree way of controlling a trolley on the course, whether it is 'flat' or hilly.

The main improvement to the 2016 Touch controller is that you don't have to continue holding it when you reach your desired speed. This makes it more like a traditional electric trolley where you can walk next to it as you go down the fairway doing other things like putting headcovers on, cleaning clubs, marking your card or having a drink, all of which saves time.

The Touch comes as standard with a lead acid battery or for an extra £150 you can get one of the thinnest lithium batteries on the market that slips easily into the tray using 3 fixed connectors, so no leads to worry about.

PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley

As well as being quicker to charge, the lithium battery has the advantage that it can be left in the trolley when it is folded down.

PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley

There is a red button on the underside to switch the battery off so that the trolley does not start doing donuts in boot of your car on the way home.

PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley

However remember to switch the button back to on before you recharge it, as otherwise the red and green lights on the charging box with flash alternately and nothing will happen.

The lithium option is definitely the one to go for as it also keeps the weight down as the Touch is not one of the lightest trolleys I have ever lifted up into the car.

PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley

And that is pretty much your lot, which could be the only issue. The Touch is a point & shoot trolley with essentially a start/stop controller and that is it. With the lithium option you are looking at around £550 which is a £100 more than the PowaKaddy FW3 that has the same features but with one of those dial things.

For £50 less you can have an PowaKaddy FW5 which has the Automatic Distance Function (ADF) for sending the trolley 15, 30 or 45 yards to the next tee whilst you walk on to the green. I use this function a lot and having to chaperone the Touch around every green did get annoying if you are used to ADF.

PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley

So therefore it seems a lot for a single feature trolley, but you have to say that the Touch handle is an excellent use of technology and brings something new and different to the market.

The intuitive nature of the Touch is very clever so if you prefer the sensitive side of things then it would be well worth putting the speed control of your trolley right in the palm of your hand.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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PowaKaddy Touch 2016 Golf Trolley - Product Details

UK Launch01 April 2016
UK Launch RRP£399.99
GolferMens, Women, Senior
Trolley TypeElectric
Motor Power200 Watt
Dimensions OpenWidth: 86cm, Height: 38.5cm, Depth: 57cm
Dimensions FoldedWidth: 95.5cm, Height: 128.5cm, Depth: 57cm
Weight With Battery11.4kg
Weight Without Battery9.4kg
Colour Options: White/Yellow, Black/Yellow
Manufacturer's WebsitePowaKaddy Website

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March 2017

After a month of use, the on/off button quit. It would not turn off at the end of a round. Now,it won't turn on!

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