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I recently reviewed the PowaKaddy CT8 GPS Electric Trolley and coupled it with the PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Golf Bag during the test.

PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Cart Bag Review

It's often the case that golfers will do this when purchasing a new PowaKaddy trolley to have the matching set when strolling the fairways. More often than not, this has aesthetic benefits as well as financial benefits with golfers getting a reduced rate on the bag when buying the pair.

However, is there more to these 'trolley bags' than just a matching aesthetic and a good deal?

The Tech

The Dri-Tech golf bag is made from a super lightweight fabric that is said to be up to four times more waterproof than most bags on the market. This is a big claim considering the amount of competition there is these days.

PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Cart Bag Review

This waterproof protection comes thanks to an innovative, heat welded coating that also covers the zips and seams of the bag.

On top of that there is the usual features you'd expect from a premium waterproof golf bag like this:

  • Large, dedicated putter bay
  • Easy lift divider top
  • 14 full length dividers
  • 7 spacious pockets with full length apparel pockets, a velour lined valuables pocket, a cooler pocket
  • PowaKaddy Key-Lock anti-twist system

Whilst offering everything you should need, the Dri-Tech is also lightweight at just 2.3kg making it easy to transport to and from the golf course.

PowaKaddy CT8 GPS Trolley Review

PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Cart Bag Review


This bag looks like classic PowaKaddy, especially in the trademark black and yellow colourway that I tested it in. You can tell it's a PowaKaddy bag from a mile off, which I think is exactly what the golfer buying this type of golfer would want.

PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Cart Bag Review

It's big, bulky and functional. Aesthetics-wise, there is nothing too much to not like, there is nothing to put golfers off, I think it suits the target market well.

The full length apparel pockets feature some yellow stripe detailing in the corners, as does the main cooler pocket on the front lower section of the bag. This ties in nicely with the yellow seam-sealed pockets and gives the bag a fairly modern and sporty look.

When paired with any Powakaddy trolley, this bag really will look the part.

PowaKaddy CT8 GPS Trolley Review

Performance and Functionality

The 14-way divider will be one of the main selling points for golfers when looking to purchase this bag. Although I think at times 14-way dividers can be a little unnecessary, during this test, I was impressed - each of my clubs had plenty of space, there was no snagging in sight when pulling clubs.

PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Cart Bag Review

Space is a running theme here - if you're the sort of golfer that likes to carry everything with you during a round, you're not going to struggle with the Dri-Tech - there's tonnes of it. With 7 pockets varying in size and lining, my only worry with this bag would be losing my belongings along the way - the pockets really are that deep!

Who really needs that amount of stuff with them during a round of golf?

Unfortunately however I found one drawback with the storage, there was no outside drinks pocket on the bag meaning that either a pocket had to be left open with a drink in it, or it meant unzipping every time I reached for a drink. I suppose the reason for this will be to keep all belongings away from the elements during adverse weather conditions.

PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Cart Bag Review

I was impressed by the overall build quality of the Dri-Tech bag. The zips felt substantial and sturdy which is always a good thing in this type of bag, not only that, they looked good and made to last. After all if you're going to spend over £200 on a golf bag on top of what you've already spent on your golf trolley, you'd expect it to last...

PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Cart Bag Review

One thing that really impressed me when testing this bag is how lightweight it was, at just 2.3kg in weight - carting it on top of the trolley for 18 holes and moving it from car to course was pretty easy thanks to it's weight.

During testing I also made full use of the PowaKaddy Key-Lock anti-twist system - it ensured that the bag stayed firmly on the trolley no matter the terrain. The comparable Motocaddy Pro Series Cart Bag has a similar feature but requires some etra faffing about to get it in place, where as the Dri-Tech has a really simple system that requires no use of screws once it is fitted into place, the design simply means the bag cannot move unless lifted vertically away from the trolley.

PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Cart Bag Review

Simple but very effective innovations like that mean Powakaddy bags will keep selling by the bucket load alongside PowaKaddy trolleys of a similar design.

PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Cart Bag Verdict

To give a verdict, it's as simple as this bag really - it's a great golf cart bag.

On top of that, given its all year round, waterproof capabilities I'm sure it will sell well at many golf clubs.

The combination of solid build quality, handy innovations and premium materials used to create it mean that it will serve golfers well on the most testing of days out on the golf course.

PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Cart Bag Review

Who Is It Aimed At?

The true avid golfer, the member of a golf club who plays regularly and likes to keep their belongings dry when the heavens open.

The golfer that needs space in abundance and isn't afraid to pay for it. The golfer that likes everything to match.

PowaKaddy CT8 GPS Trolley Review

Would I Use It?

I can 100% see why this bag will be an obvious choice for many but for me I'm not a massive fan of the bulky aesthetics and huge pockets - I really am style over substance when it comes to golf bags and the PowaKaddy Dri-Tech is the opposite.

PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Cart Bag Review

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Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Golf Bag

PowaKaddy Dri-Tech Golf Bag - Product Details

UK Launch RRP£259.99
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
Bag TypesCart
Bag Weight2.3 kg
Colour Options: Black/Yellow, Black/Grey, Black/Red
Manufacturer's WebsitePowaKaddy Website

User Reviews

Don parrott
March 2023

just bought this bag to go with rx1 is very light and does sit well on the trolley ,,my only concern is access to the front zippered pockets,,the zips only open the top of the pocket ,,i have large hands so access to bottom of the pocket is restricted,,otherwise a very pleasing bag

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