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Wow, the iPING Putting app is a game-changer, literally. Ping are reknown for making great putters, so it is no surprise that they have made a great putting app.

One of the most technically integrated apps around, the app uses the iPhone/iTouch's accelerometers and gyroscopes to measures various aspects of your putting stroke to evaulate it and help you improve. Thanks to the custom-made, yet overpriced, PING Cradle, you can easily attach your iPhone or iTouch to any putter and begin improving your putting.

The app is easy to navigate around and the concise 4-option menu makes it incredibly fun, easy and fast to use. Switch on the app, choose whether you want to Practice or Measure and within seconds you are off and running.

Once you have measured your stroke, you are given a Putting Handicap which you can try to improve, but be warned it does become addictive. Add multiple user profiles, take on your friends, upload your results to Facebook and even take on Lee Westwood or Angel Cabrera as all of their stats are pre-loaded and available for you to compare against.

Apart from the price of the Cradle, we were blown away by the iPING app, however we think it is ideally suited to low handicappers and serious golfers.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:
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Ping iPING Golf App

Ping iPING Golf App - Product Details

UK Launch20 June 2011
USA Launch20 June 2011
GolferMens, Women
App TypeInstruction
Operating SystemsiPhone
App URLhttp://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iping/id440740108?mt=8
Size (MB)13.5MB
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

User Reviews

August 2011

The Ping iApp is an amazing piece of golf putting software that Apple say is one of the best uses of the iPhone they have seen so far. It's free which is good, but the cost of the cradle seems a bit high. A couple of heavy duty rubber bands will do the job of holding the iPhone on the shaft, but probably not as well.

As a fitting device it is another great tool and together with the adjustable Ping putter you should be able to get a Ping putter that matches your stroke and gives you more consistency and really that is what this app helps you identify.

There is lots of great information on stroke path, impact angle and tempo but it is really the consistency figure that you should focus on. Having an open or closed face at impact is not to big a deal as long as your stroke is consistent so that you hole more putts.

Better putters may find that they are equally as consistent with a face-balanced, slight arc or strong arc putter and therefore the app takes on more of a practice aid to help get that consistency with whatever putter you like the look of. Getting that putter adjusted for length and lie is really more important and that may in turn affect your stroke path.

If you are starting out in golf, or struggle with your putting, then I would suggest using the iPing putting app to find your stroke path, then try out putters than match that and then get it adjusted for length and lie and try the app again.

If I had to be picky then some way of recording your success of holing the 5 putts in the test would be good feedback to help you adjust your stroke or putter to get the optimum set up for you as holing putts is really what golf is about. Custom fitting is never black and white and that applies especially to putters as they are so much personal preference. However the iPing app is a great tool for fitting and extremely addictive for practice.

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