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I have been a regular user of the FootJoy SciFlex glove for numerous years so this will be one of the longest term reviews that Golfalot has ever posted.

FootJoySciFlex Glove Pack

What do I like about it? Well, it offers a quality glove that is towards the top end of the price scale but at the same time offers good value for money.

As the SciFlex name suggests, this a composite glove where FootJoy's Taction 2 Advanced Performance leather on the palm and index finger of the glove combines with synthetic materials to try and give you the best of both worlds.

FootJoySciFlex Glove Back

Feel is really important in gloves, not only the feel of the club buy also how it makes you feel and the lovely soft leather in the palm gives me that feeling of quality and performance. It is light and reasonable hard wearing so it lasts longer than a super premium glove like the FootJoy StaSof, but maybe not as much as a fully synthetic glove.

The breathability is good for a leather glove thanks to hundreds of micro-perforations on the fingers, palm and the FibreSof material on the back of the hand. It won't stop your hand getting sweaty completely but it does reduce the heat of your lastest road and that only enhances the life of the glove.

FootJoySciFlex Glove Fingers

The Flex part of the name comes from the PowerNet mesh across the knuckles and fingers which stretches to adjust to your hand and give a nice close fit whatever size hand you have. I like this because the knuckles is where the glove gets stretched the most and in the past with full leather gloves this is the area where the glove would get baggy and lose its fit.

FootJoySciFlex Glove Grip

Of course the proof is in the performance and the grip is excellent and the SciFlex will usually do a good 10 rounds or so before the level of grip drops off, which is pretty good. As the leather in the palm is soft, by this time I usually get some wear marks appearing at the base of the hand. This is to be expected given the way I hold it, but just so you know that the SciFlex is more about performance than durability.

FootJoySciFlex Glove Grip

So if you have had enough of leather gloves or want to trade up from a synthetic glove without breaking the bank then I would say the SciFlex is a hands down winner.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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FootJoy SciFlex Golf Glove

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