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The FJ Fury is the latest offering from FootJoy, the #1 Shoe in Golf. It is the latest addition to their performance line-up, following on from hugely successful FJ models like the Pro/SL and Tour-S. The Fury showcases a number of unique performance features including an internal fit system that focuses on fit comfort and support.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

I wanted to find out a few things: whether it lived up to the high standard of its predecessors, whether the new featured technology benefitted my enjoyment of a game of golf, and whether this is a product that everyday golfers could benefit from buying. Simple really.

What’s It All About?

As you would imagine, FJ have introduced a number of new technologies in the bid to reach this promised land of golfing footwear. To kick off, the Fury is said to be powered by a TruFIT System to provide golfers with stability where golfers need it and comfort where golfers want it.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

Other new notable technologies in question come in various forms. Firstly, something I have never seen in a golf shoe before - a one-piece inner fit sleeve that sits inside the shoe connecting the tongue to the sole. Therefore wrapping around the bridge of the foot to provide a secure fit with no tongue slippage during the golf swing. More on this later, but this innovative yet seemingly simply idea was very impressive.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

A new external FlexGrid MLC cage system that gives the shoe probably it’s most eye-catching aesthetic (the five thin grey stripes down the sides of the shoe), is in place to add structure to the upper and combine with the laces to ‘lock you in as you lace up’.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

The Fury is also said to offer custom comfort through an Ortholite Impressions FitBed. In English, this is an insole that comprises of two densities of foam: a type of foam that maintains its shape and cushion throughout its lifecycle, and a softer foam that takes an impression of your foot, therefore creating a custom fit for every golfer’s foot. Anyway, enough about golfer’s feet, on with the review…

FootJoy Say…

Richard Fryer, Director of Product management, FJ Footwear, said:

With FJ Fury, we created a product that was designed from the inside-out. As a result, FJ Fury’s TruFIT System balances lightweight, responsive support with a new dynamic outsole that delivers comfort and stability throughout your round.

The Test

Slotting in between recent success stories like the Pro/SL and Tour-S models in the FJ product range, at least in terms of price, the Fury was always going to have a lot to live up to. But having got my hands on the shoes, I was impressed by the bold aesthetics, athletic approach and the amount of technology that was packed into the shoe.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

Bearing in mind the time I conducted this review - January - I was also taking on the elements, putting the Fury shoes to the test on a wet and typically British winter’s day in cold temperatures of around 2 degrees. The kind of day where the right golf shoes can become your best friend and the wrong shoes can become your enemy.

FootJoy Fury Golf Shoe Review

First Impressions

Having no clue as to what the FJ Fury entailed prior to receiving the shoes, with only a slight inkling that with a name like ‘Fury’ they weren’t going to be as traditional looking as the world famous FJ DryJoys. Unboxing them I was struck by the extremely modern and athletic looking upper. “Bold move FootJoy” I pondered.

I had the shoes in the eye-catching White and red laced colourway, which may not have been the wisest choice given the time of year (again, more of that later). But still, out of the box these shoes were striking and a statement of intent from FootJoy.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

Straight away I thought this new upper design would be one to divide golfer’s opinions however, leaning on the side of the younger golfer as opposed to the ‘typical’ golfer, you may have associated with FootJoy in years gone by. Aesthetics aside, it was clear to see I was also dealing with a golf shoe that had chosen to put a focus on premium performance and comfort – there is cushioning and tech inside these shoes everywhere you look!

The simple and no nonsense Dual Density TPU Outsole also suited my eye. As a tall golfer, I prefer a golf shoe that is low to the ground to give me all the balance I can get, the Fury looked to tick that box perfectly.

On The Course

Over 18 holes, the amount of comfort the FJ Fury shoes offered can only be described as superb. From the moment I laced up the shoes to the moment I took them off, I genuinely didn’t feel one niggle, one slight bit of blistering, an ounce of aching, or any sign of discomfort in either of my feet. When it comes to reviewing the comfort of golf shoes, the phrase “they felt like slippers” has become somewhat over used. In this instance, it fits perfectly. Well done FJ. Give yourself a pat on the back.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

Going back a step or two however, strictly from an aesthetics point of view, one thing I didn’t like was the extremely wide looking fit of the FJ Fury shoes. Personally, I prefer a narrower and sleeker looking aesthetic in a golf shoe and this is one thing the Fury does not offer. In fact it’s quite the opposite, I’d even go as far to say that the shoes appeared to look quite big and almost cumbersome, especially from above. This could put off some picky golfers.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

The performance levels of the shoes on the other hand, completely contradicted this. Not only did they feel lightweight and athletic, they felt sturdy, strong and stable with the FlexGrid Cage living up to its promises of locking in my feet to support my golf swing.

A stand-out feature in the shoe which I was also extremely impressed by was the aforementioned Inner Fit Sleeve. Combined with an already highly soft and well-cushioned tongue providing comfort from above, as well as the OrthoLite Impressons FitBed offering great comfort from below, the inner fit sleeve joined the two components together to support the tarsus and metatarsus parts of my foot unbelievably well.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

The Ortholite insole is said to take an impression of your foot and therefore create a custom fit. This may be a step too far on the claims from FootJoy in my opinion. As comfy as the insole was, whether it actually created a custom fit after taking an impression of my foot is hard to tell.

The laces are thick and premium with a smooth and silky finish to them. Disappointingly however, as I approached my second shot on the second hole, the laces on my right foot had come undone, after tying them tightly only twenty minutes prior. A minor point, granted, but an annoying one all the same. I advise a double knot folks.

Traction-wise, again very impressive. As most amateur golfers will know, playing golf in January, in Britain, can be tough. But, the Fury shoes offered me great grip on a number of different playing surfaces including infamous astroturf winter mats, muddy teas, and damp bunkers.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

On a one occasion of wayward golf during my testing, I found myself hitting to a green on a severe down slope. Ball above my feet, stood on slippery fallen leaves, bad lie - nightmare. In these kind of conditions, a weak pair of golf shoes can play on your mind and not offer you the stability and therefore the confidence to go and hit the correct shot.

With the support of the Fury’s Liquid Metal-inspired Flex Layer of TPU and dynamic low profile pulsar cleats locking into the ‘turf’, I had every confidence I needed, somehow finding the green with 10 foot left for birdie. No, unfortunately I didn’t make the putt. But at least I couldn’t blame the shoes.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

As I’ve found over the years, the better the outsole on a golf shoe, the more course debris can get stuck in between the cleats. The Fury however proved this theory wrong. The tech-packed outsole also passed the debris test with flying colours. On a damp course, the cleats and TPU plate collected a limited amount of course debris, meaning the shoes remained comfortable, lightweight and full of traction for 18 holes.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

Would I Use It?

Based on my personal taste and the aesthetics of the Fury shoes, this is not the kind of shoe that would jump off the pro shop shelf to me. Looks-wise, I think there is just a little too much going on with the design of the upper.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

The vented toe for added breathability also brought another slight problem to my attention that may put some of the more practical golfers off. It’s extremely hard to keep clean, regardless of how many fairways you hit. Granted, I reviewed the shoes in the white colourway, in January, but still I could see this frustrating some golfers all year round. So if you’re a stickler for clean shoes, I’d recommend the Fury’s in Black or Navy colourways.

Performance and comfort wise, there isn’t a shoe I have ever worn that beats the Fury. The vented, mesh toe, although it may be hard to keep clean, added great breathability to the list of plaudits. My feet felt warm, but never too warm to the point of being uncomfortable.

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

This shoe will tick 99.9% of boxes for the majority of modern-day golfers.

The Verdict?

I think one of the highest compliments I can give these shoes is that whilst playing in them, I forgot I was actually reviewing a brand-new pair of shoes. The comfort and stability they offered from the word go was pretty remarkable.

At a competitive price of £150, I doubt that you will be able to find a higher performing, athletic shoe which offers as much comfort in today’s competitive market. If you’re after a new pair of kicks for the 2019 golf season, but aren’t a stickler for traditional shoe designs, add the Fury to your shortlist.


  • Comfort, comfort, comfort
  • Inner fit sleeve is great innovation and really does work
  • Ortholite technology in the insole moulds around base of foot
  • Solid structure offered support throughout the foot
  • Great traction on all on-course surfaces
  • 1-year waterproof warranty


  • Modern and 'busy' aesthetics will put off some golfers looking for a more traditional style
  • Mesh toe vents will be extremely hard to keep clean over time

FootJoy Fury Shoes 2019

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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FootJoy Fury Golf Shoe

FootJoy Fury Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch15 February 2019
UK Launch RRP£150
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Senior
Shoe StyleShoe
Colour OptionsNavy/White/Green, Black/Red/Grey, White/Red/Grey
Manufacturer's WebsiteFootJoy Website

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