Martin Hopley

The EZiCaddy EZi5 electric golf trolley is a great value for money option as it looks good and has a host of features for a competitive price. The alloy frame makes it very light and easy to control so your arms won't feel the strain during a round. With all the weight in the middle it is very well balanced, which is good generally, but not if you are going up a steep hill as it has a tendency for the front wheel to lift up.

Once you have tightened a few screws to assemble it the first time, the EZi5 is very easy to put up and down and the battery just slots into place with no wires to connect, which is a nice touch. When folded everything locks so you can lift into the car with one hand and also store it sitting vertically, which is more important than it sounds.

The 240 watt motor was powerful enough and was pretty quite although prone to a very little whine. The design is such that it is built into the chassis so well that you hardly know it is there.

The 'bungee cord' bag straps are very easy to use, especially the bottom one which you just pull over the base of the bag. Unfortunately the convex nature of the bottom half of the frame means that you will need a specific cart bag, as a tour bag or any other bag with a front pocket will not fit forward onto the EZi5. Not a big deal I guess as you could put the bigger bag on sideways, but other makes manage this fine.

The soft touch handle is nice and wide and one of the best in the market. The speed control button is a horizontal rotational style and is easy enough to control and the push on/off makes it simple to stop and start the trolley. Using it to set the distance function is a little more intricate than other makes. You push and hold to set the distance but then have to scroll to select anything up to 50 yards in 5 yard gaps and then push go. Compared to other models that feature a fixed distance '3 click and go' method, it does offer more choice but is not as slick to use.

The colour display is nice enough to look at and includes functions such as time, a flashing speedometer when the power is off and the speed in mph. It also has a distance function which as we have mentioned in other reviews is really a little pointless.

Even though there is a competition mode to turn it off, it could still cause hassle when playing certain events and then the distances are only useful if you go in a straight line to your ball on a flat fairway. And even then it only shows you what you have done and not what you have left, without referring to a real distance measuring device, not withstanding the fact that it did not seem 100% accurate to us. Better that manufacturers just leave these distance functions off and find other more useful things to add on, like the USB charger on the EZi5, which is a nice touch if you are using a (probably illegal) smartphone as a GPS instead.

Annyyywaaay, this aside and provided your course is not too hilly and you don't use a Tour bag, the EZiCaddy EZi5 is one of the best value for money electric golf trolleys in the market and well worth a look.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars


EZiCaddy EZi5 Golf Trolley

EZiCaddy EZi5 Golf Trolley - Product Details

UK Launch01 September 2011
UK Launch RRP£349
Trolley TypeElectric
Wheelbase56 cm
Motor Power200 Watt
Dimensions OpenWidth: 56cm, Height: 92cm, Depth: 78cm
Dimensions FoldedWidth: 56cm, Height: 98.5cm, Depth: 33.5cm
Weight Without Battery8.5kg
Colour Options: Black
Manufacturer's WebsiteEZiCaddy Website

User Reviews

Prab Nallamilli
September 2017

Had the EZicaddy for over 5 years, play 2 to 3 times a week regularly. Only problem I ever had was I lost a bolt on front wheel. Received complete fittings within 24 hours at no charge. Never a problem since.I highly recommend this trolley. Only thing I would like EZicaddy to do is do a non white bag!

July 2016

I've had my EZiCaddy for two years and i am still on the same battery (not lithium) - this really is a great trolley - customer service is excellent. It's height adjustable whcih helps get your umbrella high enough to stand under it and the umbrella holder fits on very rigidly without any twist - holder itself is a bit bendy but perfect as long as its not blowing a gale. Really easy to push even with motor switched off. I would 100% recommend.

June 2016

Having managed to 'break', my EziCaddy, I rang Shane in Oakleigh, who spent some considerable time resolving my problem. My EziCaddy is very reliable and totally relied upon for my enjoyment of the game. This review was initiated due to the excellent assistance and advice given over the phone. 10/10 service.

April 2016

A good trolley I have ezi caddy 1 and apart from a slight whining noise from front wheel it has been very good batteries seem to last about 18 months to 2 years. It can topple over in some situations it needs a bit more weight at front.

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