Martin Hopley

The Callaway HX Tour is a great ball for mid to low handicap players. The touch and feel around the greens from the soft cover is excellent and the distance is good.

In my test the ball cover scuffed up over the course of the round as the grooves on my wedge got hold of it, but no more than any of the other balls on the market and it was still very playable at the end of the round.

It is firmer than the previous Callaway HX Red or Blue so if that is what you are after then this is the ball for you!

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:
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Callaway HX Tour Golf Ball

Callaway HX Tour Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch01 January 2005
Handicap Range
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelMedium
Colour OptionsWhite
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

User Reviews

Daz Carter
February 2005

Tried the Callaway HX Tour golf ball as a replacement/alternative to the ProV1 as I had heard and read some good things about these balls. Have to say I was a little disappointed. To start with I found them a little too 'clicky' off of the club face, I'm used to sound that the ProV's make on my 983K and the HX just made it sound like a bell! Distance was about the same as the Pro V1 but I found they moved a bit more off the face and as a result I missed a couple of fairways that I would otherwise have hit. Off the irons, no real complaints. Dispite the rather clicky feel of the ball they seemed quite soft and spun nicely on shorter shots. I did find that the Callaway HX Tour golf ball cut up quite a lot more than the Titleists with my wedges, and because the 'dimples' were quite flat they looked quite a mess after 18 holes. Putting with these balls was nasty. I just couldn't get the feel, although soft off the club face the 'tick' noise they make is off-putting and judging distance was difficult.All in all, a very good ball, just not ProV1 good. I guess you pays your money, takes your choice... I know where my £10.99 will be going though - Sorry Mr Callaway

July 2004

I usually play a Titleist Pro V1 and I tried the Callaway HX Tour out to compare. It seems a little softer than the Pro V1, but other than that the performance is just as good. Maybe scuffs up a little more with the wedge. I'll stick with the Titleist but the Callaway HX Tour is a worthy second choice for me.

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Media Reviews

Golf Monthly
July 2005
Softer than most..lovely feel..scuffs up a little.
Golf Monthly
September 2004
perform very well in windy conditions..right feel.
Today's Golfer
April 2004
Callaway's best golf ball yet..a serious challenger.

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