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The Adams Speedline Super S driver certainly bears a striking resemblance to the TaylorMade family that it is now part of. The white crown and diagonal line design across the back of the head give that away. However there are 2 things that mark this out as an Adams driver and they are both on the sole of the club.

Firstly the distinctive Speedline sole with its dramatic curves that scoop up into the rear of the head is still there. We really like this look and it is functional too, as it helps with the aerodynamics of the head and you get the feeling it is moving fast by just looking at it.

The second and more important feature is the Velocity Slot at the front of the sole. Now this is not TaylorMade inspired as Adams were the first company to put a slot in their woods with the Adams Speedline F11 fairway wood. Now with the Speedline Super S driver they are the first manufacturer to put a slot in a driver. So why has this not been done before?

The Velocity Slot was introduced because it increased ball speed from the face of smaller headed clubs. With drivers already at the legal maximum for ball speed no-one needed more ball speed from the centre of the club. However the race is now on to create a larger 'high ball speed' zone on drivers and this is why the slot has been introduced on the Speedline Super S driver. It is there to increase ball speed on off centre hits and is deeper in the heel and toe and shallower in the centre to increase ball speed from those less than perfect strikes.

When we tried the Super S driver out it was clear that the slot made it very forgiving as well as sounding great. Impacts felt wonderful, with a lovely solid feel that you wil really enjoy. The flight was maybe a little higher than most but the trajectory was such that it was still going forward. A lot of this could be due to the shaft which is a little lighter than most.

The flexes on the standard shafts were maybe towards the softer end of the spectrum as those who usually use a stiff shaft could easily trade up to an extra stiff shaft for a better flight without feeling like they are swinging a plank.

Like most drivers these days there is the option to adjust the loft by +/- 1 degree and the hosel has a little window on it so you can see the loft you have selected which is a nice touch. The sole has quite a camber on it, so that will help when the lie adjusts as the loft changes, but this will have an effect on the left to right ball flight of the ball.

Overall we feel that this is one of the best drivers in the market this year with excellent performance, distinctive looks and a superb feel and sound. Combine this with an RRP of under £200 and you have one of the best value for money drivers around.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Adams Speedline Super S Driver - Product Details

UK Launch01 February 2013
USA Launch01 February 2013
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts10.5°
Right Handed Lofts10.5°
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexStiff, Regular, X Stiff
Manufacturer's WebsiteAdams Website

User Reviews

January 2018

Love the club...Hits a long way and forgiving as well.

Tom Hodgson
July 2017

While I liked the drivers appearance the club head has cracked. I won't have another of these drivers in my bag.

May 2016

Very impressed with the distance I get regularly now compared to my previous Titleist driver which I was happy with for 8 years. So it's taken a great new driver to replace it. The best part???? only cost me £48 (yes 48 pounds sterling) on eBay. Yes, it was brand new, not second hand. Now that really is a great bargain !!

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