Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Following Jordan Spieth's stunning performance around Augusta National, especially on the greens, SuperStroke putter grips are very much headline news.

SuperStroke Plus Series Putter Grips

The grips, that are becoming increasingly popular both on and off Tour, are parallel from the top down to promote an even grip pressure in both hands.

We found out what an innovative company SuperStroke are when we interviewed their Marketing Manager Jon Luna to understand the theory behind their putter grips.

This innovation, driven by the desire to give golfers every advantage on the greens, continues with the launch of the new Plus Series grip that lets golfers easily add or take away weight from the club as they search to find the perfect balance in their putter or adapt it to faster or slower greens.

SuperStroke Plus Series Putter Grips

Adding weight to the grip end of the putter is not new with counterbalanced putters becoming increasingly popular but the ability for golfers to easily alter this weight themselves is a step forward.

The grips, that are available in two sizes in the Legacy model and one in the Flatso style, have a hollow top that allows for the insertion of a 50g weight that instantly changes the balance and feel of the putter.

A unique threaded cap on the top of the weight means players can insert or remove the weight using an easy-to use SuperStroke wrench without any fuss.

SuperStroke Plus Series Putter Grips

The grips, which retail at £34.90, are sold separately to the weights, as SuperStroke tell us that they envisage some demand for the grips alone, but the purchase of the 50g weight, for only £9.99, really brings the Plus Series to life to give golfers even more control on the greens.


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