Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Thanks to the exploits of Jordan Spieth, golfers around the world are watching a lot of putts being holed with putters fitted wtih SuperStroke putter grips.

SuperStroke's latest move is adding its Pistol GT model to their CoutnterCore line. The Pistol GT is their smallest grip and provides a smooth transition for golfers who currently use a conventional putter grip to try the patented No-Taper design that promotes even grip pressure for a more reliable putting stroke.

SuperStroke Pistol GT Putter Grip

The Pistol GT now incorporates the CounterCore technology that was introduced in the SuperStroke Plus Series grips last year.

CounterCore is an innovative way to allow golfers to easily add or take away weight from the club as they search to find the perfect balance in their putter or to allow them to adapt it to faster of slower greens.

Weight is usually fixed in counterbalanced putters, but this adjustable approach is becoming increasingly popular with Nike also heading down this route with its CounterFlex putters.

SuperStroke Pistol GT Putter Grip

The SuperTroke grips have a hollow top that allows for the insertion of a 50g weight that instantly changes the balance and feel of the putter. A unique threaded cap on the top of the weight means players can insert or remove the weight with an easy-to use SuperStroke wrench.

SuperStroke Plus Series Putter Grips

The SuperStroke CounterCore grips have an RRP of £37.99 and are available from February 2016 at

SuperStroke has also announced its new Tour proven S-Tech club grips with a soft, tacky, premium rubber compound that provides excellent feel and feedback. The S-Tech feature SuperStroke's signature Cross-Traction surface texture for increased control in all weather conditions.

The S-Tech grips have an RRP of £8 and are available in black, blue and grey with plus size options of standard weighing 52g or midsize at 62g.


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