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SuperStroke are one of the most popular brands in golf when it comes to putter grips, with huge numbers of golfers from PGA Tour stars right down to weekend warriors choosing to use them.

SuperStroke Zenergy Grip

The brand have introduced two grip styles with more vibrant colourways to their Zenergy line, with the Claw 2.0 and SS2R added to bring the total number of grip choices up to 18, with eight different colour combinations also offered to suit different putting strokes and tastes.

The Claw 2.0 grip features a graduated design with a pistol-style top that transitions to a square shape, delivering comfort and stability.

SuperStroke Zenergy Grip

It weighs in at 63 grams and has three flat sides which provide more surface area for golfers who like to use a claw-style grip when they putt. It comes in White/Red and White/Black colour options.

The SS2R has a strategically engineered design with a 1" square profile on the front for golfers who prefer to putt cross- handed during the putting stroke.

SuperStroke Zenergy Grip

It is heavier than most SuperStroke grips at 109 grams, with additional back-weighting and a design which is well-suited to heavier putter heads. It is available in White/Black.

Vibrant new colours include the Orange/Blue/White option which is available on six different models, including the Pistol GT 1.0 grip, a striking White/Red, plus bold Blue/White and Purple/White combinations.

All of the Zenergy grips use a multi-layer construction with a soft, tacky outer layer and firm rubber inner core which is designed to offer more grip, stability and feedback.

SuperStroke Zenergy Grip

SuperStroke are also suggesting you'll get better accuracy via the Spyne+ Technology which features a ridge down the underside of the grip, which is said to make it easier to square the face at impact.

Multi-Zone Texturing sees extra textures placed in 'high sensory areas' to improve both feedback and comfort from the outer layer, with No Taper Technology helps to encourage minimal grip pressure which ensures the hands stay quiet for added consistency.

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