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Along with our partners HowDidiDo, we were delighted to support the British Golf Show which was held this May, and over 6,500 attendees were able to see first-hand some of the best and boldest new products on offer in the golfing industry.

Take a look at the video from the event here:

We picked out the best five items that we saw from the Show which we think you'll love! Let us know your favourite below.

Odyssey 2019 Putter Range

Thanks to the Custom Lab Golf Team, the latest range of Stroke Lab and Marxman Putters from Odyssey were the talk of the putting green at the Show. We saw plenty of golfers keen to find out for themselves whether the technology from the #1 Putter in golf could really help their game.

2019 British Golf Show

The idea of Stroke Lab technology is a multi-material shaft which repositions weight both in the head and grip of the putter, giving you a much more consistent stroke and therefore helping with accuracy and distance control on the greens.

The EXO putters also use a multi-material construction, with lighter aliminium red sections in the middle and heavier stainless steel on the outside. Keeping this weight out towards the perimeter helps to raise MOI and stability by around 20% for overall putting consistency.

We recently reviewed both the Stroke Lab and EXO Marxman putters, where you can get even more information and see what we thought of the ranges.

The Skoota

When we visited the PGA Golf Show in Orlando at the start of the year, one of the most interesting products we saw was the Finn Cycle by Sun Mountain. Judging by the engagement the idea saw on our social media channels, plenty of golfers had an opinion!

The concept has clearly captured some imaginations though, as the British Golf Show saw the UK launch of a similar product called The Skoota.

This is an electric scooter which has the capability of storing your golf bag on the back, and can be used on the course to complete a round of golf in just a couple of hours.

2019 British Golf Show

The Skoota has not yet been certified as road legal, but with indicators, headlights and a top speed of 40kmh, the owners are expecting that it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be able to head straight from your house to the first tee in a matter of minutes.

What are your thoughts on the growing popularity of scooters being used on the golf course? Would you be happy if these were used at your golf club? Let us know in the comments below!

BJM Putter Grips and Putting System

Anyone who has played golf over the last five years or so will have seen that there are more putting styles and grips than ever before. A huge number of golfers turn up every Saturday with thick jumbo grips, cross handed styles, claws and different shaped heads.

BJM are seeking to answer all of our putting woes once and for all with distinctive shaped grip and a revolutionary new hold procedure, where both palms are positioned facing upwards, and the back is bent in a similar style to how Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus would’ve done in their prime.

2019 British Golf Show

This system is said to reduce mobility in the joints of the hands and arms, with the following benefits:

  • Reduced unwanted movement in the putter head

  • More consistent putter arc and stroke length

  • Reduced face rotation and variations between backstroke and impact

  • Help overcoming ‘physiological glitches’, aka the dreaded yips.

If you struggle with your putting then BJM could definitely be a brand to look out for!

Carpet Cup

Staying with the putting theme, this neat little bit of kit was possibly the surprise inclusion to this list as it costs just £25, but really impressed us.

Coming from the team at Groove Fix Golf, the Carpet Cup is a portable practice hole which can be used anywhere from the putting green to the living room. It is exactly the regulation size of a hole and it works by trapping the golf ball between the two plates to simulate it dropping into the cup.

2019 British Golf Show

If you catch the edge but the putt is hit at the right pace, it will stick in the same way that a putt would drop into the side of the hole.

If you need to give your putting some extra work or you struggle to get down the course often enough, the Carpet Cup could be a great way to really replicate holing putts and get you improving both your accuracy and pace.

Zen Green Stage

You may have seen this incredible technology on Sky Sports in the past 12 months, particularly at The Masters where it took pride of place in their studio at Augusta National.

The Zen Green Stage, from Zen Golf, is a digitally adjustable putting green which allows you to program in any putt you’d like to work on, from downhill left-to-righters to uphill double-breakers, for the ultimate putting experience.

At the Show, attendees were given the chance to replicate some of the most famous putts in golfing history from majors and Ryder Cups, so that you can imagine just how it would have felt to see that ball drop into the hole.

2019 British Golf Show

Nick Middleton, who invented the Zen Green Stage, believes that straight putts are essentially a myth and practicing on flat surfaces is both unrealistic and unhelpful.

How cool would it be to have this at your local golf club to really test yourself against your mates?


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