Martin Hopley
By Martin Hopley

The Srixon Soft Feel 2012 golf ball has been specifically designed for mid to high handicap golfers who want to combine distance with exceptional feel in a great value ball. The Soft Feel caters for players with less than 100 mph driver swing speed and is designed to launch high with low spin to promote distance from the tee whilst maintaining control. The low compression of 72 (which is slightly higher than the 68 of the previous Srixon Soft Feel thanks to advances that allow the soft feel to be maintained) ensures a high MOI for greater accuracy on off-centre shots.

The new soft feel has an improved Energetic Gradient Growth core that is responsible for high launch and low spin and also promotes straighter ball flight and consistency. The large core has been designed to ensure greater distance from both the tee and from the fairway and the 324 dimple pattern promotes a strong and high trajectory with advanced aerodynamics.

Visual performance is also very important in golf ball performance and the Srixon Soft Feel 2012 comes in both pure white and tour yellow.

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Srixon Soft Feel 2012 Golf Ball - Product Details

Handicap Range
Ball FeelMedium
Colour OptionsWhite, Yellow
Manufacturer's WebsiteSrixon Website

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