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By Andrew Noyce

If you've been lucky enough to own a pair of Oakley glasses, one thing you are bound to have noticed is the weight. All of the cutting edge performance that has them firmly at the forefront of sports performance eyewear is packaged in extremely light, easy to wear designs.

Weight is something Oakley take seriously and this ethos translates to their golf bags. Factory Lite is a range of Oakley products that utilise a number of innovations all designed to minimise weight and reduce fatigue to let you perform to your best.

Oakley Factory Lite Golf Bag

The average golf stand bag weighs around 1.8 kg and those of us who like to carry our clubs know that any weight saving is important over the course of 18 holes.

Oakley have managed to make a bag that has everything you would expect, but tips the scale at just 1.3 kg which means 0.5 kg less for you to tote round the course.

That doesn't mean they have left out any functionality you'd expect from your stand bag. The Factory Lite has a four-way divider, padded straps for comfort as well as storage room for essentials and multiple smaller pockets for accessories.

Oakley Factory Lite Golf Bag

So how have they cut the weight?

Oakley have achieved this by using the best lightweight materials available for every part of the golf bag.

The stand of the Factory Lite is made with the same light, strong carbon fibre that is found in their sunglasses meaning it is tough and durable but extremely light.

The nylon material that forms the main body of the is normally used to make tents that mountaineers use whilst climbing. The straps include the lightweight EVA rubber that is increasingly being found in the soles of many street style golf shoes.

Finally, the side pocket doesn't extend the whole length of the bag and is made of mesh to save weight. Oakley say it is still large enough to store all your rain gear and the mesh allows extra ventilation that your wet gear will need to dry out when it is put back in the bag.

Oakley Factory Lite Golf Bag

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Oakley Factory Lite Golf Bag

Oakley Factory Lite Golf Bag - Product Details

UK Launch15 January 2014
UK Launch RRP£190
Bag TypesStand
Bag Weight1.3 kg
Colour Options: Black, White
Manufacturer's WebsiteOakley Website

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