Martin Hopley

The Oakley Cipher shoes are incredibly light, surprisingly comfortable and certainly not waterproof.

Out of the box, you immediately feel how much weight Oakley have removed from the shoe and your eyes will be immediately interested in the NanoSpike pads on the shoes sole. As with all new shoes, the first concern is whether or not they will fit right or require a 'breaking in' period. Well we can tell you, these fit like a sock and were about as comfortable to wear as any pair of shoes we have tested. The heel plate, while looking rather imposing and firm, fits nicely around the heel and adds some stability to what is otherwise a free-feeling, low-profile shoe.

The bad news is the Cipher's lack of waterproofing. Whilst not designed or advertised as being waterproof, we were surprised by the lack of water protection. One search for a ball in semi-rough proved this and after the rain started coming down, the shoes proved they are as waterproof as our socks inside the shoe. The rest of the round was spent with wet feet, which is never a good thing. For that reason, it is hard to recommend these to anyone that plays where it could be raining or wet under-foot.

If you are looking for a lightweight, smart-looking shoe to where abroad or at home in dry conditions, the Oakley Cipher will not disappoint. The NanoSpike pads offer ample grip for a lightweight shoe and can be replaced if they wear down. The additional outlining, moulded studs provide outward stability.

Good looking, exceptionally light, but suitable only for fair-weather golfers, literally!

Golfalot Rating: 3 stars
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Oakley Cipher Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch18 June 2012
USA Launch18 June 2012
Shoe StyleShoe
Sizes6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
WidthsMedium, Wide
Manufacturer's WebsiteOakley Website

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