Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Lamkin has been making putter grips since 1925 and the latest Sink range brings technology right up to date with a new lightweight rubber in grips that promote better short game performance.

Lamkin's chemists developed the rubber specifically for use in putter grips and because it is 29 to 35 percent lighter than traditional compounds it has allowed the design team to create larger shapes and lengths without sacrificing the durable and consistent all-weather performance of rubber.

Lamkin Sink  Putter Grips

Bob Lamkin, President and CEO, explains the process:

For the Sink grips, our engineers and product development team worked diligently to perfect the final shapes of both models and to find a way to combine the new, exclusive lightweight rubber compound with a highly useful surface pattern. Ultimately, we have created an assortment of putter grips that will enhance the short game performance of any golfer, from a seasoned Tour professional to the casual golfer.

The Sink grips are available in two distinctively shaped models to suit golfers with all putting preferences. Both of the shapes have a curved-handle profile that encourages correct wrist alignment to help promote a more fluid putting stroke.

Lamkin Sink Putter Grips

The RND, rounded, Sink grip has a wider and straighter profile that helps to minimise excessive hand action for a smoother pendulum-like putting stroke. Sink RND grips have a blue-green colour scheme and come in two lengths, 11 and 13 inches.

Lamkin Sink Putter Grips

The SQD, squared, Sink grip has been designed for fee-based putters and has a thinner shape with more pronounced corners to give a grip that gives high levels of feedback. Highlighted with orange and yellow accents the Sink SQD is also available in 11 and 13 inch options.

Lamkin Sink Putter Grips

Both of the Lamkin Sink grips have multiple surface textures including a micro-webbed diamond pattern and traditional deep-etched lines for an optimal level of slip-free grip traction. The carefully placed smooth ovals on the front of the grips provide golfers with an effective hand position reference to promote consistency and confidence.


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