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By Andrew Noyce

With a healthy 90 years of grip-making experience on their side, when Lamkin introduce a new product into the golf market, premium quality and leading innovation is pretty much a certainty. As expected, this well-earned trend seems to have continued with their latest innovation, Lamkin Z5 Grips.

Lamkin Z5 Golf Grips

Designed to deliver maximum control, comfort and consistency with every swing, the Z5 grips are built upon the idea of having 5 distinct ‘zones’ (hence the name) to deliver a specific functional advantage which Lamkin say has led to the most advanced grip that the family-based business has ever produced.

Lamkin has quite clearly left no stone unturned with the Z5 grip, fusing sleek looks, all-weather playability and the technology to boot. Each of the different zones that make up Z5 have been uniquely designed for a specific-performance enhancing function.

This high performance range of grips are made from a proprietary rubber compound that ensures maximum durability, feedback and torsion control. While also allowing the grip to stand up to arguably the most important test (seen as though their launching this grip in the UK), offering all-weather playability. The five zones include:

Zones 1 and 2 feature soft cord weave designed to provide the top hand with exceptional traction, enhanced comfort and slip-free confidence in all weather conditions.

Zone 3 includes two FingerLock panels to ensure the thumb is in an optimal position, while a simulated rope texture offers a tactile response to enhance club control without the need for excessive grip pressure.

Lamkin Z5 Golf Grips

Finally, Zones 4 and 5 provide an exceptional feel for the lower hand thanks to the shallow micro-texture and a V-shaped dividing groove that promotes consistent hand positioning.

Bob Lamkin, President and CEO of Lamkin, explains:

This is the most advanced grip Lamkin has ever produced, as our team of engineers scientifically broke down the key characteristics required to properly support the top and bottom hands during the swing.

We developed unique patterns, compounds, and textures for the Z5 that enhance feel and incorporate alignment aides to increase confidence and consistency with every shot.

Lamkin Z5 Golf Grips

Along with all the technology you could wish for in a golf grip, it’s also worth mentioning that the Z5 is a very eye-catching grip with a fairly loud design. This will no doubt tick a number boxes for a number of golfers that have moved away from the traditional plain black leather grips or yester-year.

Z5 grips are available in red, black and blue colour combinations in standard and midsize models. If you’re looking to get an extra hold of your golf game, the Z5 grips are not to be ignored.




Lamkin Z5 Grip - Product Details

UK LaunchFebruary 2017
UK Launch RRP£12.99
Manufacturer's WebsiteLamkin Website

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