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By Andrew Noyce

Golf grip manufacturer Lamkin has extended its range with two new models, the Wrap-Tech and UTx Wrap. Both are high performance alternatives to the classic wrap-style grips and have already been put into play on Tour by Lamkin ambassador, Spaniard Miguel Angel Jimenez.

Lamkin Golf Grips

CEO and President of Lamkin Grips, Bob Lamkin, explains the background to the new grips:

Wrap grips have always been very popular in the U.S as they suit the conditions in which most golf is played. So when we started to think about how to improve those grips we knew we had to provide the comfort and feel that our U.S. customers expected, but we also wanted genuine performance benefits that our European customers could get in their more changeable weather conditions. In the Wrap-Tech and the UTx Wrap I think we’ve done just that.

Lamkin Wrap-Tech Golf Grip

With Jimenez holing in one with it in Dubai on its first outing, the Wrap-Tech grip is ideal for play in all conditions.

It compromises a Double Helix pattern that combines two different surface textures that bring a balance of comfort, control and feel to the grip.

Lamkin Wrap-Tech Golf Grip

Lamkin's ACE 3GEN material gives a very tacky feel to the grip and also acts as a shock absorber and this is contrasted with a dual pattern that enhances control and slip-resistance.

The Wrap Tech grips are available in standard, midsize and oversize and are a predominantly black grip that comes with either white, red or blue detailing.

Lamkin UTx Wrap Golf Grip

The UTx Wrap uses the same Tri-Layer technology that is found in Lamkin's UTx range of grips that blends a combination of materials to optimise grip feel to allow for play in all conditions.

Lamkin UTx Wrap Golf Grip

The three layers comprise a soft and tacky ACE material for comfort, a mid layer of moisture wicking fabric weave that gives wet weather traction and a firm outer cover that adds stability to the grip.

The UTx Wrap grips are available in standard or midsize and come in two colours, royal blue or black.




Lamkin Wrap-Tech Grip - Product Details

UK LaunchFebruary 2015
UK Launch RRP£7.99
Manufacturer's WebsiteLamkin Website

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