Jamie Kennedy
By Jamie Kennedy

Typically if you describe a new product as tacky, it isn't a compliment. However calling the latest grips from Lamkin tacky is what Bob Lamkin and his team want.

Lamkin teamed up with Japan-based grip maker, IOMIC, to create the new i-LINE series of grips. The idea was to use expertise and innovation from both companies to produce a grip that is "both incredibly secure and exceedingly comfortable".

Lamkin i-Line Grips

Lamkin President and CEO, Bob Lamkin, describes the thinking behind the new design:

Golfers typically select a grip that offers either a comfortable ‘feel’ or a grip designed for high performance playability. Our goal when developing the new i-LINE grip was to eliminate the age-old compromise between feel and performance, and provide golfers with an extremely comfortable, high-performance grip.

The grip itself is made from a soft thermoplastic material that limits torque. Whilst you may not think torque has much to do with a grip, the ability to limit how much a grip twists at impact can make a massive difference to a golfer's performance and comfort.

As with many recent Lamkin grips, the surface features the company's distinctive Crossline detail. The small, repeated pattern, along with the thermoplastic material it is cut into, creates a tacky grip that helps golfers with control and stability.

Lamkin i-Line Grip Close-Up

Gone are the days when grips are just designed in black in white. The new i-Line grips come in a variety of colours such as turquoise-blue with a navy blue cap, yellow with a lime green cap, orange with a grey cap, lime green with a yellow cap and traditional black with a grey cap.

As for grip sizes, the black i-LINE is available in undersize, standard, mid-size and oversize. All the other colours are standard except Magenta with white cap which is undersize for ladies.


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