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For a long time, the brand or range of ball you use was dictated by the type of golfer you are and the amount of money you want to spend. Callaway are trying to make that process a lot simpler, with a new range of balls suited to every type of golfers, from Tour players to the everyday golfer.

The Speed Regime range features three different balls suited to three different types of golfers. The idea is simple, if you swing your driver at 90mph or below you are suited to the SR1 (or Speed Regime 1). If your swing speed is between 90 and 105mph, the SR2 is for you. Finally, if you swing at a Tour level of more than 105mph, Callaway recommend you stick with the SR3.

Here's Neil Howie, President and Managing Director of Callaway Golf in Europe:

Whilst the Speed Regime concept seems simplistic in nature, our R&D team have worked tirelessly to produce a range of golf balls that will truly benefit all amateur and professional golfers. Callaway has been built on the premise of creating products that enhance the enjoyment of golfers game and the SR golf balls will do exactly that.

All three Speed Regime balls share a couple of features. Each has a soft, inner core that Callaway tell us reduces spin off the tee for longer distances. A firmer outer core design helped Callaway's R&D team increase spin around the green, making it easier to the stop the ball with your short irons or wedges.

Beyond that, each of the Callaway SR balls has features designed specifically for the players it is targeted to.

As I said earlier, the four-piece SR1 ball is aimed at golfers who swing their driver at 90mph or less. The HEX dimple pattern on the ball is specifically engineered to help lift the ball off the tee for players with slower swing speeds.

Callaway advertise the SR1 by saying it has "Optimised Aerodynamics for more distance at moderate swing speeds."

The SR2 however has "Optimised Aerodynamics for more distance at athletic swing speeds." For those players who swing between 90 and 105mph, the five-piece Callaway SR2 has a HEX pattern designed to optimize lift and drag whilst offering a longer, more penetrating ball flight that will hold up better in the wind.

Additionally, the thin inner and outer mantles (layers between the cover and the core) create more ball speed and less spin off the driver, which we all know leads to longer tee shots.

Last but not least, is the 5-piece SR3. For those looking for "more distance at Tour-level swing speeds", Callaway believe this is the ball for you. As well as the HEX pattern featured on the SR2, the SR3 features a "proprietary formulation" that provides better players with the soft feel and spin they demand. The dual core design produces the fast ball speeds, whilst the inner and outer mantle layers work to reduce driver spin and provide additional resiliency.

Callaway's Dave Bartel explains the importance of choosing the right ball:

If you’re not playing a Tour ball that’s been engineered and fitted to your swing speed, you are giving up significant performance. By individualising the performance of golf balls, meeting the specific requirements of different types of golfer, Speed Regime offers total performance to help lower scores.

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Callaway Speed Regime Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch31 January 2014
UK Launch RRP£39.99
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
Colour OptionsWhite
Quantities3, 12
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

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