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By Lucy Locket

Twitter User: "Golfalot, I'm looking to get a new putter. My current 1995 Ping Anser is too light and costs me on longer putt. My handicap is 13.5 and I have a straight stroke. #AskGolfalot"

Golfalot Says: Thanks for the question. Putters, perhaps more than any other club in our bag, are largely down to taste and feel, but we are happy to recommend some putters that may improve your game on the greens.

The latest Ping Anser Milled range of putters has been largely successful. Several Tour players have an Anser model in their bag, largely due to the classic look, milled feel and the hosel options to match your stroke. Your stroke would be suited to the #5 model. Whilst the Ping Anser is in the upper bracket price-wise, the feel and classic look will be hard to beat.

We also recommend checking out the iPing app to test your stroke.

Another Ping putter worth a try is the 2012 Ping Nome. Whilst the large mallet head may be off putting to someone who has used an Anser style putter for years, the forgiveness and stability will really help your control and consistency, especially on those longer putts.

The Odyssey Metal-X insert - found on their Metal-X range and Flip Face range of putters - delivers a strong, metallic (as the name suggests) feel. Offered in a range of head designs, it has been successful with several Tour players and is priced under £100.

Our last, and probably most ambitious, suggestion would the recently launched TaylorMade Ghost Spider S. Like the Nome, it is unlike anything you will likely have tried before. The principle behind the design is 'function over form', and it shows.

VIDEO: What does 2-time Ryder Cup winner, Peter Hanson, think of the TaylorMade Ghost Spider S?

Like many, we were skeptical of the busy, high-MOI design, but the performance is stunning. The weighting and increased MOI design offer tonnes of forgiveness that will help you with your speed control, whilst the forgiveness on the face will keep those off-centre strikes, that many mid-handicappers suffer from, on line.

So there you have, a range of putters we think could help your game. Have a go and be sure to come back and let us know what you thought and which putter you choose. Thanks for the question and happy golfing!

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