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The putter, the most important club in the bag, no doubt. Finding the right one for your game can be tough, but when you do finally settle on the perfect flat stick, they can stay in the bag for years.

Testing putters can be tough (i know it's a hard life) also as a lot of it simply comes down to personal preference, it's all about looks and feel with the putter and everyone's taste is different.

Best Putters of 2020

That being said, every golf manufacturer is continually trying their best to make the art of putting easier for us golfers and 2020 has been no different in this respect. As usual, we reviewed a number of different putters over the year and here is our pick of the one's to look out for if you're in the market for an upgrade.

Ping Heppler Putters

Ping Heppler Putters

Released: 20/01/2020

RRP As Reviewed: £275

Quick Hit: The 'Hepplers' are aimed at golfers seeking a firmer impact and sound thanks to a machined face which is either aluminium or steel depending on the model.

The Tech: The choice of either an aluminium body/steel face or a steel body/aluminium face is positioned deliberately in order to get the centre of gravity in the correct position to maximise forgiveness and consistency in the head. The face has no grooves this time around, it's just flat, milled and simple. These putters also feature Ping's adjustable-length shaft technology, with the shaft itself introducing a new black chrome finish to again create a firmer feel.

Golfalot Says: "On the slower winter greens these putters were also ideal. I don't mind a firmer face as I already use a soft ball, but be wary if you use a firmer golf ball or play most of your golf on fast greens, as you may find your putts racing by the hole to begin with. The two main things for me with putters is looking good and giving you the confidence to make putts. With nine models available in the Ping Heppler range, I'm sure you can find a model which you'll enjoy."

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Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Rossie & R-Line Arrow Putter

Odyssey Stroke Lab Black 2020 Putters

Released: 23/01/2020

RRP As Reviewed: £239

Quick Hit: All the benefits of Stroke Lab weighting, a new microhinge insert, with stunning rich black finishes, in two familiar Odyssey head shapes.

The Tech: The multi-material Stroke Lab shaft is able to save 40 grams of weight which can then be redistributed to the head and grip end of the putter. The result of this is that it can rebalance the feel of the putter and improve the speed and consistency of your stroke, for a more repeatable movement with the flat stick.

Golfalot Says: "If you're a mallet lover then the new Stroke Lab Black models could be exactly what you're looking for. You get the same friendly shape and high-MOI output that you'd expect from the large head, but there's now the added bonus of the Stroke Lab technology and the firmer insert which gives you a little more feel on the greens."

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TaylorMade Spider FCG

TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter Review

Released: 04/08/2020

RRP As Reviewed: £299

Quick Hit: 'The best of both worlds. Looks like a mallet, feels like a blade, forgives like a spider.'

The Tech: In the Spider FCG (Forward Centre of Gravity), two-thirds of the total weight of the putter has been placed towards the front of the head thanks to an adjustable weight port positioned just behind the face, along with heavy tungsten weights on the heel and toe. This allows the toe to rotate more easily during the stroke to suit those golfers with more arc to their stroke - such as those who typically use a blade.

Golfalot Says: "TaylorMade, I have to give it to you. It appears that you can have your cake and eat it too! If I closed my eyes, I'd have thought I was using a blade and that is all down to the clever weight placement that they have introduced. But when I open my eyes, it's back to the mallet shape with a hint of that traditional Spider forgiveness."

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Mizuno M-Craft Putters Review

Mizuno M-Craft Putters Review

Released: 02/2020

RRP As Reviewed: £249

Quick Hit: Mizuno return to the putter market with the M-Craft putter line-up offering premium putting quality.

The Tech: The new M-Craft putters are forged from a premium 1025 mild carbon steel, which is then CNC milled for more precise shaping and alignment. Deep milling on the face is said to help to contribute towards softer feel and better roll too.

Golfalot Says: "The brand says that these putters are "forged to deliver precision in shape and alignment" and it's hard to disagree with that. I just wish there was a little more of that famous Mizuno feel and these would really be a contender for among the best on the market."

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Odyssey Toulon Seattle Putter

Odyssey Toulon Seattle Putter

Released: 27/02/2019

RRP As Reviewed: £429

Quick Hit: New head shapes in Odyssey's most premium putter range. These wands are the putters putter.

The Tech: The putter features Toulon's Deep Diamond Mill cross-hatch grooves on the face, in place of a typical insert, which channel vibration in order to control the sound and feel. The small groove within each diamond pattern is designed to improve the quality of the roll to give you more consistent pace on the greens.

Golfalot Says: "The Toulon Seattle is a great putter. Toulon putters look great, feel fantastic, and there is plenty of technology in there to help you to gain a little more consistency on the greens."

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So there we have it, Golfalot's picks for the best putter of the year. We'd love to hear your thoughts if you've tested or purchased any of the putters on this list - or if you think there's anything we've missed out. Let us know in the comments below.

We look forward to seeing what 2021 brings, a little birdie has told us that there is plenty to look forward to...

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