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Best of 2021

Putters, without doubt the most important golf club in the golf bag.

Blade, mallet, mid-mallet, fang, armlock, pistol grip, insert, no-insert, stroke lab, fluted feel, adjustable weights. It can all get a little confusing can't it? Where do you start?

This year there was a theme of forgiveness in the putter market, even the more traditional bladed putters were now promising consistency across the face and a solid forward roll.

We've put together a list of the best new putter ranges and which specific models in those to keep an eye out for.

Ping 2021 Putter Range: Oslo H and Anser

Ping 2021 Putter Review

Released: 12/04/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £250

Quick Hit: 11 new models in a new Ping putter range that are all about feeling a softer at impact than the Heppler - but still producing a solid roll. Golfalot reviewed the Anser and Oslo H models.

The Tech: The new feature and main piece of tech with the new range is a Dual-Durometer insert, which combines a softer front layer of Pebax and a back layer which is made of a firmer material. This gives you a soft feel on short putts but still ensures distance control on longer putts. The Dual-Durometer face also has shallower, more uniformed grooves to aid roll and consistency of strike.

Golfalot Says: With 11 models, there is no doubt you will find a putter which suits you. These putters are great for golfers who like to keep the same putter during winter and summer conditions and/or somebody that plays many different courses with different green speeds.

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Odyssey White OG Putters: Number 5 and 2-Ball

Odyssey White Hot OG Putters Review

Released: 28/01/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £199

Quick Hit: A legend returns after 20 years as Odyssey bring back the famous White OG Putter insert in some classic shapes and sizes. However this time it has the help of a Stroke Lab shaft. We reviewed the Number 5 and the world-famous 2-Ball.

The Tech: The White Hot insert is made from a golf ball. It was the same urethane as the cover on Callaway’s Rule 35 ball. Whereas soft inserts are usually slow, with a soft feel and dead sound, the White Hot insert combined the feel of a softer model with the performance of a firmer face.

Golfalot Says: At the end of the day, if you have good memories and positive thoughts when standing over a putter then you are going to hole more putts. The mind can will the ball into the hole just as well as it can make it miss with negative thoughts.

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TaylorMade 2021 Spider Putters: SR & EX

TaylorMade Spider EX & SR Putters

Released: 12/03/2021

RRP As Reviewed: £299

Quick Hit: Two new high-MOI putter models with familiar shapes that boast forgiveness and a feature new fluted feel shaft.

The Tech: Pure Roll 2 insert, True Path Alignment, a Fluted Feel Shaft all encompassed in a multi-material design make these putters some of the most forgiving on on the planet.

Golfalot Says: EX is the better players putter but can be used by all levels of golfer too. It does have a lot going on and if you like a clean looking head this won’t be for you. The SR doesn’t have the feel running through your hands when you hit the ball, it’s all about taking feel away from you and becoming as stable as possible.

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Cobra 3D Printed Putters

Cobra King 3D Printed Putters Review)

Released: 04/06

RRP As Reviewed: £269

Quick Hit: Cobra return to the putter market with a bang with three new 3D printed putters models promising super-high MOI, promising twice the MOI of a TaylorMade Spider. Big claims!

The Tech: Of course the main innovation with these putters is that they have a 3D printed nylon lattice cartridge, which is produced using HP's Multi-Jet printing technology. Cobra have also partnered with SIK Golf to feature their highly regarded face insert which uses Descending Loft Technology (DLT) to provide more consistency on every stroke.

Golfalot Says: The 3D Printed range really did stand out in terms of looks and performance. I certainly liked the GrandSport-35 and was surprised and impressed with the Armlock method on the Agera. I've heard that the demand for the Armlock style has been very high and it would be a shame if golfers weren't able to give them a go because I think they are well worth a try for those who struggle with consistency in their putting.

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