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Under Armour and Jordan Spieth have forged one of the most recognisable partnerships in the golf equipment world over the last decade. Ask regular golfers about UA golf gear, and more often than not, Spieth's name will crop up pretty quickly.

Central to this has been the American star's very own eponymous shoe line which has been one of the brand's best sellers, and features design influence from the 3-time major winner himself.

Under Armour Spieth 4 Golf Shoes

Now in its fourth generation, the new Spieth 4 GTX is said to provide golfers with precision and power through an emphasis on traction and stability both whilst walking the course and during the golf swing.

UA have enlisted the help of JJ Rivet, an expert in biomechanics at the EU Tour Performance Institute, who has conducted research on torque and rotation in the golf swing in order to provide a solution which focuses on traction to give golfers more power and accuracy from each shot.

Under Armour Spieth 4 Golf Shoes

Michael Glancy, Senior Design Manager of Golf Footwear at Under Armour, said:

Golfers are looking for the advantage of ground feel, but previously have had to give up cushion and support as a result. The data-driven Spieth 4 GTX now solves both by providing more consistent swings and concentrated power, all while experiencing 360-degree comfort.

Power through traction

In the Spieth 4 GTX, new Signature Rotational Resistance Traction technology provides extra grip by improving resistance in both horizontal and vertical directions during the swing, which helps to give a firm base during the golf swing.

Under Armour Spieth 4 Golf Shoes

As a result, the golfer can further rotate the foot (something which is a characteristic of Spieth's swing) and use the ground to generate more power during the swing whilst preventing any slippage.

Precision through stability

A microfiber upper, 3D-molded quarter and tongue lining, and dual durometer EVA footbed give golfers the comfortability and support needed to strike the ball with confidence.

Waterproofing through terrain

Any avid golfer will know that, throughout the course of a season, you are bound to encounter a variety of different weather conditions which can make playing the game even more difficult.

Under Armour Spieth 4 Golf Shoes

So for this year's shoe, Under Armour have equipped the Spieth 4 GTX with Gore-TEx fibres to offer 100% waterproof protection. These fibres release perspiration to help keep the feet cool, whilst also preventing anything from entering.

The Spieth 4 will be available for purchase on the Under Armour website from March 2020 (price TBC), and comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty.


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