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It's always exciting when a new brand appears on the Golfalot radar. May I introduce you to WPG.

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket

Short for 'Work Play Golf', this new East Lothian based golf apparel brand is hoping to offer something new to the golf outerwear space, the like of which (design-wise at least) we've not seen in years.

Born out of frustration towards the modern-day golf outerwear market: high vis colours, panelling, tech writing, tight fits, loud material to swing in - (you get the picture...) WPG wanted to turn back the clocks a little to a simpler time for golf apparel.

"Golfers in the 90's always seemed to me to be wearing top quality gear: cashmere or merino wool, stylish and beautiful knitted polos. When I started playing I was seeing lots of polyester and tight muscle fit shirts etc. I thought I must be able to put outfits together that look stylish without changing into 'golf gear'.

One frustration for me was always waterproofs. So expensive, so restrictive and stiff - and I definitely wouldn't be seen away from the golf course in one! High vis colours, panels of different colours here and there for no apparent reason, uncomfortable to play in etc. I wanted to change that and get the level of performance expected from the top brands (waterproof to 1500mm) but with the fit of a stylish garment that compliments a cool golf wardrobe."

Matt Jones, Founder of WPG

This kind of attitude is something we're a big fan of at Golfalot: don't like something? Do something about it! Matt we salute you.

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket

Having said that, all of the above is only great if it performs - I wanted to see how it do when it really matters, which in this case, isn't just on the golf course...

Who Is It Aimed At?

With an online retail price of £189, it's clear that WPG are pitching themselves a little below the premium category. It's certainly expensive but it's nice to see that WPG haven't gone in too punchy with the price tag of this jacket, younger, less-well-off golfers are therefore not going to be priced out of buying the Waterproof 001.

I think putting the focus on current 90s street styling and less on recent trends in the golf outerwear market, WPG are trying to capture golfers who don't necessarily want to look like a golfer every time they tee it up. If you're that guy or girl who's bored of modern, technical looking golf gear, WPG is a brand you might just want to keep on your radar.

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket

The Tech

Although the basis of the Waterproof 001 is about aesthetics, in this tech-dominated era, there is still plenty enough for the biggest of tech geeks to get their teeth into. Here's a list of the features you can expect:

  • *Waterproof to 15,000 (WP) - to give some context, this is plenty protection and also shakes dry after use.
  • Crease-proof - the 001 is made with materials so that it is said to hang beautifully and any creases just drop out after pulling it out of the bag.
  • The jacket is designed specifically to be quiet, thanks to glide technology WPG suggest it will not be off-putting during the swing so that a golfers timing and tempo remains.
  • Breathable 15,000 (MVP) four way-stretch fabric designed so whether the user likes a slim profile or oversize, the jacket moves along with the swing.
  • Wind-resistant - WPG suggest it is "a proper wind-jammer" and therefore excellent on the links whether raining or not.
  • Long lasting fabric that is durable and fade resistant.
  • Finally the 001 is machine-washable at 30 degrees and dries in minutes.

It seems there isn't much that WPG haven't thought of in their first foray into the golf market...

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket Review


At first, I was a little sceptical about the 90s influenced, baggy aesthetic of the Waterproof 001. Having started playing golf just as Galvin was taking off in the amateur game, maybe I've been conditioned to think that all golf outwear should be tight fitted, therefore being lightweight and supposedly offering you more freedom of movement in the golf swing. It seems however that I was wrong.

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket

Once I'd tried the jacket on, I loved it's look and feel. It boasts a really simple silhouette, one that reminds me more of Sunderland, Pringle and even early Nike golf jackets of the 80s and 90s; the golden era of golf, before the Tiger-age came along and 'muscle-fit' changed everything.

I assume that WPG have gone with this kind of styling in line with recent trends in street style, where 90s baggy nostalgia seems to be king amongst the kids, it's refreshing to see this kind of design on the course.

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket

I tested this product in the Original Black colourway (it also comes available in Dark Olive which Dan tested alongside me) and the overall package is a really simple one: apart from a small piece of WPG branding below the front zip, what you see is what you get.

The jacket features a premium, seam-sealed quarter zip meaning that there is no bulging from a full length one and looks casual enough for you to wear on the terraces come 3PM, as you attempt to forget the woes of yet another Saturday-morning-shocker a few hours prior.

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket

The main design feature is no doubt the large padded collar which couples with the baggy fit to really complete the casual look. The padding comes from a folded hood inside the collar held in place by a small zip around the back, which once pulled out looks great too and offers a snug fit.

I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of playing golf in a hoodie with the hood up, but even with the hood down - I can see it being a hit with many golfers. I preferred to play with the hood folded away which meant that it felt really comfortable and warm around my neck - potentially relinquishing the need for a snood.


I reviewed this jacket in a size medium and found it true to size, which was refreshing in today's slim-fit world of tight mid-sections and short fitting sleeves. When I have reviewed jackets like the Galvin Green Al C-Knit and Ashton Shakedry or the more recently the Abacus PDX Waterproof, I always find them a little on the small side, so it was refreshing for the WPG outerwear to fit true to size.

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket

Performance-wise I had fairly low-expectations for the 001, maybe because of the competitive price point and the lack of reputation in the golf market, but the more I wore it, the more I was impressed.

Firstly, it's extremely lightweight which is always a great asset for the modern-day golfer. This meant that I found it versatile to take on and off on-course and easily stuff in my bag for later in the round without adding too much unwanted weight to my bag. It also meant that there was very little restriction during the swing, I didn't feel a lack of speed or flexibility when it was on.

Secondly, when taking the jacket out of my bag I really was impressed by how crease-proof it was - yes there was obviously creases in it at first but 10 minutes later it looked great again, the creases literally fell out as I wore it.

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket

I have tested this jacket over a number of rounds in varying conditions: wind, rain, cold, as well a couple of walks too and from the office (and obviously too and from the pub) and was most impressed by it's waterproof capabilities. Considering how lightweight and thin the outer material, I was surprised at how well it beaded away water with ease. When taking the jacket off, after a quick shake the jacket was completely dry.

It's been all good so far, right? Unfortunately there are a couple drawbacks... First off all, it's fitted with an adjustable drawstring around the waist - a handy feature to pull in the jacket a little and give it some shape. However I found that the string used was a little too taut, meaning that when you come to take the jacket off, it's quite difficult and there is very little give.

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket

As well as this, although the quality of the front zip is great (and looks good too) the zips on the two side front pockets I found to be a little lacking in quality. A number of times the zips got caught and I found the handles of zips really small and sometimes hard to find. This may seem like a really small point, but when you're out on a golf course with cold hands you need zips you can rely on!

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket Verdict

This is a great piece of golf apparel. Unfortunately I can't see it being an instant hit with the golfing masses just yet to result in it really competing with the likes of the Galvin, FJ, Adidas or even Glenmuir/Sunderland but in my opinion, that's not what WPG is about anyway.

WPG is about bringing some originality back to the golf apparel space and not just following the trends of the last 20 years. This is a jacket that both men and women can wear in confidence that not only will they look great, but they will be protected by the elements too.

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket

This jacket has been helping me brave the daily office commute during Manchester's predictably wet weather of late, it's also found it's way into the apparel pocket in my golf bag and on a clothes hanger in my everyday wardrobe.

I like the WPG ethos: the fact they have seen a gap in the market and are genuinely trying to do something about it on their own terms. It's grassroots, it's genuine quality and I'm here for it.

If this is just the start, I'm excited to see what's in store for the future of WPG.

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket

Would I Use It?

Definitely. I have enjoyed playing golf in this jacket; it has kept me warm and dry on numerous occasions on and off the course and although I was a little sceptical about the baggy fit initially, when the material is a lightweight as this, it's really no issue.

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket Pros & Cons

WPG Waterproof 001 Jacket

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Golfalot Rating: 5 stars


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