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Abacus are a Swedish golf clothing brand who are best known for their waterproofs and rain-resistant gear to help protect you from the elements out on the course.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

The brand produce much more than just jackets and waterproof trousers though, and the latest addition to their Bounce rainwear is the waterproof hoodie, aiming to combine function with comfort and style in a modern take on golf apparel.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Anyone who likes the extra comfort provided by a hoodie on the golf course and doesn't mind risking the occasional sideways glance from the more traditional members at the golf club.

Abacus provide technical clothing for people who take their golf seriously and want to be well-equipped every time they tee it up. The hoodie provides performance elements and waterproof protection as well as looking stylish and being comfortable to wear, which gives it on and off course versatility.

The Tech

The Bounce waterproof hoodie is made of a 4-way stretch waterproof fabric, designed to be resistant to rain under high pressure, whilst also featuring moisture and heat transportation to retain breathability.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

The seams are sealed by hand with a soft, flexible heat activated tape which improves durability whilst ensuring waterproofness.

The material is 3-layer with the same soft. stretchable fabric on the outside as the inside along with a functional membrane bonded between layers. This membrane keeps the rain out and allows for body heat to be transported out to the surface where it evaporates.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

There is no lining in this hoodie because of the soft inside and this helps to add comfort when playing.

The hoodie features two front pockets, raglan sleeves and an adjustable hood.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie Review


The hoodie is available in either black or bright blue and features a pretty plain design, with a small Abacus logo on the back of the hood as well as text on the front shoulder and down the right sleeve.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

This extra logo on the sleeve is a little bit overkill for me, although it is a similar colour to the jacket itself which makes it less visible.

Overall it's a smart and unoffensive design which helps with the on-off course versatility in my eyes - from a distance it wouldn't really look like a piece of golf clothing but it does still have touches of sportswear such as the sealed seams and stretchy fabric.


I received this jacket in a size Medium and was really happy with the fit, it provided enough room to feel like I was unrestricted whilst swinging and playing golf, without being too loose or baggy as to get in the way.

I am a big fan of hoodies and do wear them on the golf course from time to time because I find them warm and comfortable, and this jacket was no different.

I was surprised by how lightweight it felt when I first held it and then put it on, but what also really impressed me was how warm it managed to keep me on a chilly autumn morning.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

The material itself would also make it pretty easy to fold and pack away into your bag, which could make it more useful as an emergency extra layer or as something to wear on early mornings.

The hoodie features two large front pockets which are great for keeping your hands warm between shots, whilst the hood is adjustable which is useful if you want to make sure that it doesn't flap around too much whilst you're swinging the club.

When I tested this hoodie there was a little bit of rain around so I was pleased to see that the waterproof protection worked well. I wouldn't say it was as effective as a true Gore-Tex jacket but it did a good job of beading up any moisture and stopping it from getting underneath the hoodie into my clothes.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie Verdict

The Bounce Waterproof Hoodie is a great product which is really comfortable and it offers all of the protection that you'd expect from a rain jacket but with the added versatility and style of a hoodie.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

An RRP of £149.99 for a hoodie is steep, but if you think of it as a jacket with a hood then it offers better value for money. It can be used in place of a normal rain jacket in adverse weather conditions, as well as on chillier dry days too for extra warmth.

I'm not a big fan of wearing golf clothing off the course as a general rule but I imagine that some people would be perfectly happy to use this hoodie casually, and it could definitely be used on the range too.

Would I Use It?

Absolutely. As a bit of a fair weather golfer, I am only going to venture out on to the golf course if I need to test any new gear this winter and I'm looking forward to taking this hoodie with me when I do.

It's warm, really comfortable and it looks good too, making it a great addition to any golfer's wardrobe.

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie Pros & Cons

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie

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Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie Clothing

Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie Clothing - Product Details

UK LaunchJuly 2023
UK Launch RRP£149.90
European LaunchJuly 2023
European Launch RRP€189.90
GolferMens, Women

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