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Even better players like golf balls to feel soft and that is what Wilson are banking on with the Wilson Staff DX3 Urethane golf ball.

Wilson Staff DX3 Urethane

Urethane is a cover material that usually features on premium golf balls because it helps the ball to spin more and therefore gives it more control. How much depends on the blend of urethane and how thick it is, as not all versions are equal.

Wilson Staff DX3 Urethane

On the DX3 the urethane is just 1mm thick and underneath it is another 2 layers to make up the 3-piece construction.

The feel comes from the 55 compression of the ball, which is high for Wilson Staff balls, but lower than most other urethane covered balls, so that you get soft feel with more spin.

So I thought I would check this out on SkyTrak and compared it to the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft, which has an ionomer cover and a 29 compression, one of the lowest on the market.

Wilson Staff DX3 Urethane

With a driver the results showed that I did indeed get more spin, around 300rpm more, but the distance was not as good. However this is the trade off when using urethane because you get control, but can lose some distance, as I found out during my chat to Wilson golf ball expert Frank Simonutti.

Wilson Staff DX3 Urethane

The lower spin with the softer ball also means that it is does not deviate as much if you draw or fade it and you can see that the offline number for the DX2 Soft was 3 yards less.

With the wedge it was a similar story, resulting in 450rpm more spin and few less yards of carry. Now this is not neceassrily an issue as you have more control as you can see by the 1 yard roll out on the higher spinning DX3 Urethane, which was half that of the DX2.

Wilson Staff DX3 Urethane

Where you should really test a golf ball though is on and around the greens and this is where the softer compression shows up more.

The DX3 Urethane sounded a little firmer and more like a premium ball than the DX2 Soft, but it was still pretty soft to putt with in the big scheme of things. Chipping was pretty similar and if you are buying a urethane cover ball for performance around the green then you will probably also prefer something with a little more sound and feel feedback to improve your judgement.

Wilson Staff DX3 Urethane

However if you are coming at it from a soft feel perspective then the DX3 Urethane is probably better to putt and chip with than most of the other ultra soft balls in the market because of that cover.

So as usual it is all down to price and personal preference. The performance and durability of the DX3 Urethane is good and the urethane cover gives another option if you are in the market for a softer feeling golf ball.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Wilson Staff DX3 Urethane Golf Ball - Product Details

UK LaunchJanuary 2016
UK Launch RRP£29.99
USA LaunchJanuary 2016
Handicap Range
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelSoft
Colour OptionsWhite
Manufacturer's WebsiteWilson Website

User Reviews

July 2017

I'm a 14 handicapper and play RBZ Urethane, FG Tour or NXT Tour balls. I selected the DX3 Urethane based on having played the DX2 and standard DX3. Sadly, for me this is a completely different experience and not a good one. Any urethane ball shows it's worth on approach to, or on the green and this is where it fails. At the moment greens are firm, without being hard and moderately fast, but I found it difficult to control/judge as the ball runs just as far, if not further, compared with the DX2 on pitch/chip shots and it shoots off the putter face. It doesn't feel "solid" on putts and for it's price point and urethane cover, it doesn't get my vote. It's a shame because the DX2 is a great ball and the FG Tour is a stand out WS product, but the DX3 Urethane is such a disappointment.

December 2016

Have been using Callaway 3 piece Chrome softs, which I really liked, but as a 17 hcp, the new 4 piece and price is above my level, I still wanted a urethane ball so I thought I'd give these a try, I have used Wilson Staff balls DX2 & DX3 in the past. I play in Barcelona, we've had a lot of rain recently so course is soft, have to wait a bit to see how these play on harder fairways & greens, but I have to say that these where as good as the Chrome Softs in all aspects, distance, stopping on the greens to within a metre of the pitchmark and putted really nicely, only downside was they seemed to scuff quicker than the Chrome softs, time will tell if the price of 30€ against 40€ for the Chrome softs is really a saving if I'm having to change out scuffed balls often? For now I'm happy with the quality & playability of the DX3U's and would definitely recommend that people try them out, remember that this was a comparision against the original Chrome soft 3 piece, I haven't tried the new 4 piece, so i have no idea what they play like, as I said I think they may be above my level of play.

May 2016

Purchased these over my usual Pro V1. I play off 6 handicap and really enjoyed the feel of the DX3 Urethane off the driver as well as my wedges. Nice soft feel to putt with too and very similar if not identical to putt with as a Pro V1. Very good ball, durable and priced right.

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