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The Wilson Staff C300 irons replace the excellent C200 model and in the process take the Power Holes to the next level.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

These are the slots around the perimeter of the face that are filled with TE031 Urethane and allow it to almost float on the head of the club and Wilson has gone from one row of 8 slots before to a total of 10 slots thanks to the double row on the sole.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

It does feel a little like 'it worked last time so let's do more', but the position of them is well thought out, even if maybe the sole doesn't look as clean as before.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

The entire face structure flexes into the second row of Power Holes with the central hole being 60% wider than it was in the single row set up of the C200.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

The face has a stronger Rockwell Hardness C40 insert welded on to a High Strength 17-4 steel chassis to create a large, thin face with enough rigidity.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

The C300 irons do have quite a strong visual appearance and the sound and feel were still very good for what is a cavity back iron.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

There was quite a zip at impact from the larger headed longer irons and that 60% larger middle Power Hole even if they sounded a touch on the hollow side.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

The mid irons were lovely and even the short irons had a nice shape about them with their mid sized toplines and relatively low offset.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

However Wilson are claiming lots more speed with the C300 irons so I took them on GC2 with Pro V1x balls to see is this was the case.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

Compared to the C200 irons the C300 were around 4 yards longer with a 7-iron and that was almost entirely down to the face that they put about 700 rpm less spin on the ball, although the C300 is a degree stronger at 31°.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

The peak height and descent angles were the same so it should still stop in time, but like the Wilson Staff C300 driver I reviewed, the Wilson Staff C300 irons are all about lower spin.

This will be a direct result of the larger 17-4 Steel head and the extra Power Holes as 76% of the face is unsupported.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

The C300 irons comes as standard with the KBS Tour 90 shaft that is light yet firm and stable and really the whole set up is aimed at single figure to mid handicappers who have the club head speed and want a little more distance.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

Even though it is a cast iron, the lie can also be adjusted thanks to a cusotm fitting notch in the back of the hosel.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

The C300 irons are reasonably priced, but a little up on last time which starts to bring in the competition from some of the other big boys and in this sector they may have to look over their shoulder.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons

However if you like the looks then the C300 is well thought out and put together with a quality shaft and grip so is good value and worth checking out.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Wilson Staff C300 Iron

Wilson Staff C300 Irons - Product Details

UK Launch22 January 2018
UK Launch RRP£599
USA Launch22 January 2018
European Launch22 January 2018
Handicap Range
Shaft NameKBS Tour 90, Fujikura Speeder Pro 58i
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
GripW/S-2 Lamkin Crossline
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional Clubs3, GW
Manufacturer's WebsiteWilson Website

User Reviews

August 2020

My Ping G30’s were getting a bit worn. The C300’s are straighter and a bit stronger in my hands. The set up and feel is superb. I wish Wilson would step up the promotion and go head to head with the Big Boys more often!

October 2018

Like some of the others I was in the market for a set of irons. I was hitting the Taylormade RocketBallz which are very nice irons but wanted to try something else. I'm a 12 handicapper and thought I might try one of the top rated clubs on the market for 2018. M4, Rogue, 718 AP1 ect. While at the golf store I looked over and saw the Wilson C300 cast on the rack and thought 'why not?' - I'm here give it a swing. At came down to the Wilson and the Callaway Rogue. The Wilson won out. Felt great, hit longest of all I hit except may be the M4. Dont let the reviews scare you off , hit them for yourself and see if you agree with me that these are great feeling irons.

Eric M
July 2018

Went to Golf Galaxy and hit the C 200 against everything else the conclusion was distance and dispersion were best with Wilson. Then went a pro fitter with access to everything the conclusion was I hit the C300 better than anything. Been playing with C300 for couple of months now been very happy with the results putting for more birdies than before. No regrets. If your in the market for new irons you should seriously consider the Wilson line

Jimmy Edwards
May 2018

C300s have great feel even when strikes are a little off center. I'm a low handicapper and only get to play usually on weekends they have great forgiveness for being a forged club.

jon wasko
April 2018

Got fitted yesterday. Like the others, my research had me expecting the G400, Rogue or even Taylormade to be my choice. However, my fitter likes to see where the numbers lead, and I followed his lead. Trying the final 5 clubs, I never looked at them to keep any bias away. Kept coming back to the Wilson, and the numbers backed up my feeling. The price was right too!! Two weeks can't come fast enough.

April 2018

I went to the PGA Superstore for a fitting feeling sure I would settle on the Taylor Made M3-4s. I hit the Ping G400 but didn't like the set though I had a good experience with the 3 iron 19 degree club to use in place of a hybrid as I struggle with them. The Ping club gave reliable and straighter distance. I may wait until the price for a single club comes down. I too kept coming back to the Wilson C300 and they were the longest, best feeling, sounding, reassuring at address, straightest clubs of the bunch. I had to overcome my initial prejudice towards these clubs given the relative lack of buzz around them

Bob Twombly
March 2018

Hit the M3, i200, Rogue Pro, AP3s and C300. I can’t believe the C300’s ( both forged and cast ) felt the best. Ordering a set in a few days—trading in JPX 900 forged set. Way to go Wilson Staff.

February 2018

Just got fitted today for my first set. I was expecting to go for Ping G400s or something similar but after about 6 different makes I kept coming back to C300s as my favourite. I have not decided yet but I am thinking I will go for these. How have they been on the course?

Jim Newcombe
February 2018

I had the same exact experience in my fitting. I tried about 5 different sets of irons and just kept coming back to the C300’s. About 4-5 yards longer with lower dispersion. Great look at set-up and a great feel at impact. I too am now waiting for my new set C300’s. Don’t overlook these if considering a new set.

Ryan Norman
February 2018

Have recently had my first iron fitting and tried many different clubs. I must admit I didn’t intend to even try the Wilson C300s with the likes of the TaylorMade M4, Ping G400, Cobra F8 etc on the market. As soon as I did pick up the club it felt comfortable with a nice weight and sat well at address. The results were better for me than any of the others I tried and no matter how many times I tried the others I kept coming back to the Wilson C300. I'm now waiting for the irons to arrive so i can get cracking!!!

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