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The Wilson Staff C300 fairway follows the lead of the C300 driver by combining Power Holes with moveable weights on the sole of the club.

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway

The C300 comes with one silver 12g weight and two black 2g weights for you to locate in the three ports on the sole.

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway

Placing the heavier weight in the back will pull the CG further back and increase the launch and really this was the best position for the weights, as like the driver I found this to be quite a low spinning club in the 15° head.

Unfortunately there is only one heavy weight supplied, so you would have to pick whether it goes in the heel to create a draw bias or the toe to create a fade bias if you need to drop the spin for any reason.

If there was a second 12g weight then putting them both in the front would at least keep the head neutral, but you could also do this using the Fast Fit adjustable hosel to offset the weight balance.

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway

The hosel adjusts up 2° or down 1° and going through the options can see quite large changes in lie angle. For instance going from standard loft at 58.9° lie to +1° loft flattens the lie by 2.8°, which is the biggest change.

However where the lofts overlap between the three heads of 13.5°, 15° and 18° means that you can get the same adjusted loft with different lies in a few cases.

The other stand out feature is the Power Holes in the sole and crown of the head.

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway

The Power Holes allow the face to almost float on the frame of the club and Wilson say that they increase face deflection by 5% in order to increase the ball speed.

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway

There are four holes on the sole and two on the crown that are quite noticeable against the rich red colour and maybe more could have been made of them visually.

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway

The face is made from Carpenter Custom 455 Stainless Steel which is nearly half as strong again as 17-4 stainless steel and allows Wilson to make the C300 fairway face 20% thinner and save 5g of weight.

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway

The head has quite a straight leading edge and a rounded head that is pulled back to draw the weight to the rear without losing its appeal.

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway

The sound and feel at impact was nice and solid, but it could have sounded a little 'zippier' given the dynamic look and the promise of the power holes.

The C300 fairway comes with a Fujikura Speeder Pro 68 shaft that is good quality, but maybe did not suit me as I found the C300 hard to get going.

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway

The spin characteristics mean that you will need to be a reasonably fast swinging player to get the most from this club and the heavier 12g weight will probably live permanently in the back for most people otherwise they won't get the launch right.

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway

The Wilson Staff C300 fairway looks the business if you see the sole looking at you from the shelf, but it's appeal could be quite narrow. It is reasonably priced as fairways go but with the big boys hovering around the same number with clubs that have a wider appeal and are easier to get results with, then the C300 fairway might find it hard to get out of the woods.

Golfalot Rating: 3 stars
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Wilson Staff C300 Fairway Wood

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway Wood - Product Details

UK Launch22 January 2018
UK Launch RRP£219
USA Launch22 January 2018
European Launch22 January 2018
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts15°, 18°
Right Handed Lofts13.5°, 15°, 18°
Colour OptionsRed
AdjustabilityLoft, Weight
Shaft NameFujikura Speeder Pro 68
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexRegular, X Stiff
Shaft Weight68g
GripW/S-2 Lamkin Crossline
Manufacturer's WebsiteWilson Website

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User Reviews

October 2018

I replace standard in my bag for super hero. This club is a sleeper. I remember the quality clubs that Wilson develop in the 70’s. This club feels like one of those winners from 40 years ago. I consistently hammered the ball straight and high like an rocket from Vandenberg Air Force base. The performance surprised me and caused butterflies in my gut. Something I have not felt in years with a 3 wood. I hate to dispute the review above and would not if there was not good reason to do so.

March 2018

I traded in my F7 for this. Loved the rails but distance was an issue. F7 topped out from fairway at about 235-240 for me. This year I set out to buy a hot one hoping it would be the F8 as it had the rails still. the testing was so so with the F8. No distance gains without moving to the F8 plus and that is very unforgiving. Really the F7 sits in between both the F8s. I tried the Rogue and Rogue Sub Zero, M3 and M4. The Wilson easily out shined these options in feel and performance. On GC2 off the deck I'm an easy 260 off the tee 275 at's hot, it's adjustable, it's forgiving. I'm only giving 4 stars cause my 1st one shattered on me in the cold weather after 3 hits.

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