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Wilson are one of the oldest and most successful equipment manufacturers of all time, and their latest range of gear for 2023 looks to be celebrating that fact.

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

Their Dynapower irons were first introduced way back in the 1950s and used to win dozens of majors over the following couple of decades. They were even used to play golf on the moon by Alan Shepard in 1971!

More than 50 years later, Dynapower returns, and this time includes a line of woods which celebrates the legacy of this historic line whilst boosting some new technologies from Wilson.

The Tech

Wilson are calling their new Dynapower 'one of the most adjustable' drivers that they have ever created, and it is available in two different head options.

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

The Carbon model is geared slightly more towards the better player seeking lower spin and more workability off the tee, whilst the standard (Titanium) model is aimed more at the 'aspirational' player who is looking to maximise their distance with a straighter ball flight.

Wilson have been using AI technology to help with the design of their clubs over the last couple years and this continues in the latest generation, utilising the same generative design that produced the D9 woods.

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

New PKR2 Technology sees dynamic face thickness extended to a larger area of the club face, helping to maximise ball speeds and provide more forgiveness on off-centre hits.

There's also a 6-way adjustable hosel that allows fitters to interchange shafts easily, while golfers can also take advantage of the one-click launch and spin adjustments.

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

The Dynapower features a 16g rear weight (compared to 12g in the Carbon head) to help raise MOI and move the CG deeper and further back in the head. This helps to deliver a higher launch angle with more forgiveness and a neutral-to-draw bias.

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

Looks and Feel

Wilson have overhauled the design and styling of their drivers from D9 to Dynapower, with the new driver boasting a black and red colourway and a pretty simplistic design on both the crown and sole.

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

It's smart and unoffensive but I can't help but think that some golfers may be looking for something that more obviously says 'premium' like the new TaylorMade Stealth 2 or Callaway Paradym Drivers, particularly when you consider the increase in the price this year (RRP is up to £370 from £299).

I like the matte crown whilst the head shape is large and flat down by the ball, with a hint of offset. Some golfers may prefer something that's a little more rounded but it looks clean, complete with a dimple pattern around the back of the crown which reminded me of a Ping driver. There is also a clear alignment line next to the face.

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

The driver produced a loud, 'tingy' sound which provides a pretty reassuring level of feedback every time you strike the ball. As a general rule I prefer more of a solid, muted feel as I feel like it's a more premium sound we've become used to in recent years, but I did feel like this driver was giving you plenty of confidence both at address and at impact.


I tested this driver outdoors in freezing conditions using the Flightscope Mevo+ launch monitor and put it up against my current Callaway Epic Speed to see how it compared.

With a price tag of £370 I was expecting the Dynapower to produce similar numbers and on the whole it did, although the Epic Speed was still able to edge it in most categories.

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

An average carry distance of 220 yards was a little low although the temperatures weren't helping my swing speed on the day of testing so I can imagine seeing numbers which are closer to my usual yardage in normal conditions - i.e. when I'm not trying to swing with five layers on!

Having said that, whilst the driver felt solid and was only a couple of yards behind my Epic Speed, I just felt as if it didn't quite have the same pop both in terms of clubhead speed and ball speed, suggesting that the ceiling for the Dynapower might be a little lower than the Epic Speed.

I was impressed with both the consistency and the forgiveness of the driver, as shown by the fact that the difference between by shortest and longest shots was only around 10 yards which is excellent.

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

This is something that I saw out on the golf course too. While average strikes were ending up at pretty similar distances down the fairway, a couple of times the Epic Speed just seemed to have an extra gear.

I also saw a little more left bias when testing on the course too, as my shots tended to either hit the fairway or miss it to the left. This doesn't scream 'anti-slice' driver as soon as you put it down by the ball but the fact that the draw bias is there will be reassuring to plenty of people I'm sure.

Wilson Dynapower Driver Verdict

The Dynapower Driver comes in at more than £70 more than the previous D9 Driver which I was impressed with when I tested it. This may indicate that Wilson are really having a go at catching up with the 'big boys' and I think that the amount of technology and adjustabilty added to these heads as well as the overall design probably (just about) justify that increase.

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

It does mean however that the brand are now creeping closer to the pricing of the biggest driver brands which is bound to make Wilson's job a little harder.

The Dynapower is a good all-rounder which looks smart, provides a good level of consistency and the overall story appears more convincing this year when you put it up against the likes of TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping.

It is great to see a brand like Wilson able to celebrate their legacy in the game and if you're something of a golf historian you might love the chance to grab your own piece of golfing history with the (new) Dynapower.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Golfers of any level could use this driver, particularly those who struggle with a slice/too much fade and want to change up their ball flight.

Wilson has gained a reputation as providing consistently good product for the budget conscious golfer over the last few years but perhaps this is fading?

Would I Use It?

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

I liked the look and the simplicity of this driver, and really appreciated the story behind it, but it won't replace my Epic Speed in the bag.

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review

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Wilson Dynapower Driver

Wilson Dynapower Driver - Product Details

UK LaunchMarch 2023
UK Launch RRP£370
European LaunchMarch 2023
European Launch RRP€420
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts10.5°
Right Handed Lofts9°, 10.5°, 13°
AdjustabilityLoft, Face Angle
Shaft NameProject X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
GripLamkin Crossline 360
Manufacturer's WebsiteWilson Website

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