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Titleist's TSi2 and TSi3 models are the most popular and widely used in their lineup, and during my testing earlier this year the drivers and fairway woods produced the fastest ball speeds out of every driver I reviewed.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

The TSi Hybrids replace the first generation TS models and having already reviewed the TSi1 Hybrid, I wanted to see if the TSi2 and TSi3 were up to scratch too.

What's It All About?

Titleist TSi2 Hybrid

The TSi2 is the hybrid which will be best suited to the majority of golfers, and will produce the best results for golfers with a sweeping delivery who want to get rid of their long irons.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

With a true hybrid shape, the TSi2 is aimed at providing high launch and faster ball speeds and comes in 18, 21 and 24 degrees.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

The crown and face thickness are designed to lower the CG which give you that easy launch and lower spin rates for more speed and stability thanks to a higher MOI.

Titleist TSi3 Hybrid

The TSi3 Hybrid is distinctly different in design to the other hybrids in the range, with a baffler shape which comes as a direct response to feedback from Titleist's tour players. It is available in 18 or 20 degrees.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

It offers lower launch, greater distance and more of an iron-like performance with a penetrating ball flight which is better suited to players who want to replace their long irons with a smaller, adjustable head.

The TSi3 also differs from the TSi2 as it offers Titleist's Sure-Fit Track Technology with three unique positions - Toe (T), Neutral (N) and Heel (H) to adjust the CG of the clubhead and fine tune ball flight.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

The new track design also disappears back into the sole of the club once you have finished adjusting, to promote smoother turf interaction at impact.

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Titleist TSi2 Hybrid Review

Looks and Feel

This is a classic looking hybrid which I love, and it's much more similar to the shape of the Titleist fairways. It is glossy black in colour and has a completely clean crown with no markings.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

The face is deep and curved, whilst on the sole of the club you can see that more of the weight is pushed towards the front than in the TSi1 that I reviewed earlier this year, with a similar grey accent.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

The TSi2 feels like a cross between a fairway wood and a hybrid, and the high launch properties meant that I would prefer to use this as my most lofted hybrid choice.

The strike felt safe and reliable with the turf interaction very consistent during my testing. The sole just seemed to glide across the top of the turf which is great for forgiveness and ease of strike.


I really liked the TSi1 hybrid and TSi fairway wood so I wasn't surprised at all that this club performed nicely as it just felt like a natural extension of those two clubs. The consistency of both the strike and flight was very good throughout.

During the last few shots of my Trackman testing I played around with hitting a fade and a draw which meant that the yardages and spin numbers were varying a little. I like to shape the golf ball out on the course though, and I like to know that I've got a workable club if I need it to be.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

My longest shot with a draw using the 24 degree TSi2 was out at 174 yards carry which is pretty impressive, whilst the fades were in the low 160s and the average yardage throughout the testing was 166 yards carry.

Titleist TSi3 Hybrid Review

Looks and Feel

The TSi3 is the most striking looking of the TSi hybrid series due to the straighter lines and higher, iron-like shape. It is a compact head shape with a baffler-type look but I wouldn't say it's gone too far... I don't always like this style but I actually found the look of the TSi3 pretty appealing, the lines are softer than I expected.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

The sole has the SureFit weighting with the T, N and H initials to highlight how you can customise the weighting. You need a key to open the weight department which sits cleanly inside the head so as not to affect turf interaction.

The sole therefore is very smooth looking, whilst the head shape is more compact than the TSi2.

The TSi3 feels like a cross between a driving iron and a hybrid, and feels really solid and strong in its ball flight. It was penetrating and seemed to fizz through the air.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

Just like the TSi2, the turf interaction with the TSi3 was excellent and the new SureFit sole design worked great for me on test.


For me this club is all about hitting the chaser off the tee which can be easily controlled, or for trying to get as close as possible on par 5s, rather than high launching shots which land and hold on the greens like the TSi2 - and it did just that.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

Testing on my Trackman launch monitor, the TSi3 produced a 13 degree launch angle with just over 4100rpm spin, and an average of 16 yards run out for a total of 190 yards. This is exactly what I was expecting to see from the TSi3.

Surprisingly, the hybrid was actually a lot more forgiving that I was expecting considering it is aimed at the 'better player', with an average of 175 yards and my poorest strike down at 165 yards - a 10 yard drop-off means that this would still catch the front edge of a green which is reassuring.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

I was testing the hybrid in a strong 18 degree setup but I didn't lose one shot out to the right, something that I can easily do with a stronger lofted club like this.

On Course Head-to-Head

I took the two hybrids out to Reddish Vale Golf Club to do a direct head to head against my favourite hybrid of 2021, the Ping G425.

For five holes during the test, my Ping hybrids outperformed the Titleist on pretty much every shot. They were struck better, flew more consistently and the distances were more consistent throughout.

Hitting from the tee, the 17 degree Ping G425 carried at least 10 yards further and finished 15 yards further on average than the TSi3 17 degree. The Ping also felt a little easier to hit and had a flatter flight, whilst the TSi was more variable in its flight.

When compared to the G425, the TSi2 hybrid flew a little too high for my liking and so this meant that it was really affected into the wind. When playing par 3s my ball barely managed to reach 155 yards, whilst the 20 degree G425 was still getting out there at 170 yards.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

You can probably imagine what happened then with the TSi2 when I switched to a downwind hole... the ball seemed to stay in the air forever and carried straight out over the back of the 3rd green out of bounds! Obviously there's also going to be a bit of a difference between into-wind and downwind but it was just too extreme with the TSi2 compared to the Ping.

Comparing the Titleist hybrids to my current Ping hybrids there was only one winner, but at least the Titleist hybrids did show that there is a clear difference in ball flight and shot shape between the TSi2 and TSi3 as the brand promised and will certainly work for a lot of golfers.

Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 Hybrids Verdict


These are classy hybrids that will suit so many golfers of all different ability levels, they are so easy on the eye and the simplicity of the head will appeal to virtually everyone.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

I could hit a wide range of different shots with them and they offered good levels of spin with workability and my ball striking was consistent too.

The shaping is beautiful and the club sits really well behind the ball, if you use your hybrid for all kinds of lies then this is the best option for you. I loved it until I played in the wind, and then the higher ball flight caused me some issues so bear that in mind if you already tend to hit it high or struggle when it gets breezy.


The TSi3 was easier to hit than I thought it was going to be, but then again I do game the TSi3 so perhaps I had an idea of its characteristics already.

I was also custom fitted for this hybrid, you really can go all out with the SureFit sleeve options and weight distribution in the head to get everything dialled in to suit you.

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

You obviously still have to hit the shot but I enjoyed hitting this club from both the tee and the fairway. It was a strong flight yet still easy enough to hit, although I'd like to test them a little more from the rough as I do like to hit my hybrids from all sorts of different lies.

I think this is the distance hybrid, with the TSi2 being the all rounder.

Would I Use Them?

Even though the surprised me and the TSi2 will wokr for a lot of golfers, for me - no, because I can’t part with my Ping G425s. They are the best hybrids I have ever hit!

Who Are They Aimed At?

The TSi2 will suit any handicap of golfer and as much as Titleist don’t ever want you to buy without being fitted, I do feel you’d be reasonably safe doing so. The SureFit system is simple to use and the look of the head will suit the eye of many golfers. It is a more forgiving and lower flighted hybrid than the TSi3

Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 Hybrids Review

The TSi3 is aimed at the better golfers who really wants to get involved in the fitting process and exploit the flexibility that these settings offer. It truly is a precision head due to the adjustability on offer, and this is reflected in the ball flight. You do need to know what you are doing with these, though.

TSi2 Pros

  • Head shape and performance will suit most golfers
  • Good levels of forgiveness
  • Reliable ball striking

TSi2 Cons

  • £245 is pretty pricey
  • Doesn’t have an alignment on the crown
  • Struggled in the wind

TSi3 Pros

  • Great levels of adjustability
  • Precision, iron-like shape looks great
  • Surprisingly forgiving

TSi3 Cons

  • Maybe too compact for some golfers
  • Couldn't live with the Ping G425

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Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Titleist TSi2 Hybrid

Titleist TSi2 Hybrid - Product Details

UK Launch15 March 2021
UK Launch RRP£245
European Launch15 March 2021
European Launch RRP€295
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts18°, 21°, 24°
Right Handed Lofts18°, 21°, 24°
Colour OptionsBlack
AdjustabilityLoft, Weight
Shaft TypesGraphite
GripGolf Pride TV 360 Gray Flat Cap 58R
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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