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Until it hit the golf equipment market, TSi1 was the metal line that Titleist never realised they needed.

The fact that the world's number one female golfer, Nelly Korda, uses the TSi1 in her driver even took Titleist's resident tech guys by surprise, and that's probably why Titleist decided to expand the new TSi1 model into their hybrid range.

What's It All About?

The TSi1 is the company's most lightweight model. It is aimed at players with slower swing speeds who want to gain distance, launch the ball higher and get plenty of forgiveness.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

This all screams 'high-handicapper' to me, but the fact that the driver is used by Nelly Korda also suggests that it is able to cross all boundaries. Titleist have never really been known for game improvement clubs, and even the ones that are aimed at beginner or less able golfers still seem to have a pretty broad appeal.

In order to create the ultra-lightweight design of the TSi1 Hybrid, Titleist have removed weight from every part of this club from a thinner grip to a shaft that weighs just 50g.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

The weight in the head has then been repositioned to keep the CG low and back, helping to generate the launch and spin necessary to gain distance. This also provides a high MOI to give you more forgiveness on off-centre strikes - resulting in longer and straighter shots.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

A streamlined, aerodynamic head shape reduces drag to increase clubhead speed through the air and gives you more distance without requiring any more effort.

The hybrid features a special Aldila Ascent shaft with 'FlyDrive' Techology in an ultralight configuration, which is designed to launch high with mid-high spin.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

Titleist's usual SureFit Hosel is also included, with 16 independent loft and lie settings available to aid the club fitting process and make it easier to fine-tune ball flight.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

Looks and Feel

The TSi1 is more of a wood shape rather than an iron shaped hybrid. The head and the face are both sizeable and deep, so it reminded me a bit of a blown-up version of the TSi2 hybrid but with more of a cutting edge from the toe to the sole, hence the wood look.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

It is shiny black in colour, with light silver accents on the sole. There is no logo or line on the top of the crown for alignment, just like the rest of the models in the series. The weight is at the back of the head to deepen the CG and get the launch up - this is visible on the sole but it's not too pronounced, and at address you wouldn't know it was there.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

It's a smart, understated look that is everything we've come to expect from Titleist over the years and you can instantly tell that it's one of their clubs.

When hitting the TSi1 it feels effortless and incredibly smooth. The sole seems to glide over the turf and the club launches the ball with ease.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

The consistency in strike and flight, as well as the soft, muted feel off the face was great.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

It felt quick and so simple, even considering I don't swing it particularly fast.


I actually managed to sneak a go with one of these hybrids a few months earlier and I was shocked. I hit their most lofted hybrid in 29 degrees, which would replace a usual 7 iron, and I couldn't believe that something which was so big in profile was able to deliver consistent shots to 140 yards just like my 7 iron.

It's a little hard to get your head around the fact that you're hitting a wood such a short distance at first, but trust me it's right and it was awesome.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

It really got me thinking that golfers who struggle with their irons would only need to use them from 8 iron downwards - the rest of the bag could be woods and hybrids.

During my testing I tried the 4 hybrid which was 20 degrees in loft. Performance-wise it was very similar to a TSi2, although I must say that I did strike both hybrids well on the day which is why I was producing carry distances within one yard of each other.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

If this club was put into the hands of someone who was more inconsistent with their ball-striking, this is where you'd probably start to see more discrepancies between the two clubs as the extra forgiveness in the TSi1 starts to show.

The Trackman data did however prove that the TSi1 was better in terms of consistency across the shots hit. My ball speed, launch angle and carry number were all grouped closer together, meaning that this felt much more reliable - basically, you knew exactly how far it was going to go every time.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

There was a slight draw bias to my ball flight which is often to be expected with hybrids and considering my usual shot shape, but the fact that there wasn't too much offset in the head made this easily controllable.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Verdict

I was pleasantly surprised with the TSi1 Hybrid, having seen so many clubs which are really lightweight and aimed at ultra game-improvement go so far over the top with the head size or amount of offset.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

The TSi1 provided a subtle change in the look, but with a noticeable performance enhancement which is a great combination. Golfers can still receive plenty of help from their club whilst still being able to show their mates that they play a Titleist and I'm sure that's going to be a pretty popular idea.

The lightweight shaft and thin grip size mean that this feels like it is already custom fitted for a woman without actually saying this out loud, but it could also be just as useful for juniors or seniors who are lacking a bit of speed.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

The TSi1 Hybrid is a welcome addition to the T Series and does exactly as Titleist say it should.

Who Are They Aimed At?

Titleist are probably not the first company you'd think of when it comes to golf equipment for higher handicappers - but the TSi1 looks to provide just that.

I doubt you'll see one of these hybrids sneaking into the bag of a tour player like the TSi1 Driver did with Nelly Korda, but that's not to say they can't be a pivotal part of yours.

If you have a slower swing speed or really struggle with getting the ball up and going consistently, and you don't mind investing in your golf equipment, then this is certainly worth a try.

Would I Use Them?

Considering that this is Titleist's game-improvement range, the TSi1 should have a wide appeal as it's a friendly profile without being 'over the top' like other brands.

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid Review

I wouldn't use this hybrid with such a soft shaft flex but I certainly wouldn't be against trying this hybrid again with the correct flex as the offset and head shape was far more inviting than I was expecting.


  • Excellent consistency
  • Not too bulky for a game-improvement club
  • Classic Titleist looks
  • Great quality headcover


  • No alignment line at address
  • £245 is very expensive for a hybrid, especially if you're buying more than one of them
  • Limited left-handed options

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Titleist TSi1 Hybrid

Titleist TSi1 Hybrid - Product Details

UK Launch15 March 2021
UK Launch RRP£245
European Launch15 March 2021
European Launch RRP€295
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts23°, 26°
Right Handed Lofts20°, 23°, 26°, 29°
AdjustabilityLoft, Face Angle
Shaft NameAldila Ascent 55 HY
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Lite+ Flat Cap
Number/Loft4/20°, 5/23°, 6/26°, 7/29°
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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