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We have been waiting patiently for months to see the launch of the new Ping G425 equipment and finally, it's here! The G425 is a great looking range of clubs as a whole, and as part of it Ping have produced the best looking hybrid ever. Yes, ever.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

I was lucky enough to visit the Ping factory and European HQ in Gainsborough in October 2020 to have a sneak peak on the new stuff, I couldn’t hit the clubs but just picking up the new hybrid for the first time, I knew this was the one. First impressions really do mean a lot when it comes to golf clubs. In fact, as I left the building I yelled out my exact specs knowing that they’d find their way into my bag for 2021. Seriously, they looked that good.

Hybrids are my golf game summed up in one club, I love them, always have. However on the other end of the spectrum is the utility iron - the G425 Crossover. You can read my full review of the new Ping Crossover here, but the purpose of this review is to trial the hybrids in comparison to the crossover so I can give a decent recommendation on which may be best for your game depending on what type of golfer you are.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

What's It All About?

Ping say they’re now offering 'super-charged distance' without sacrificing consistency and a better range of models and options for everyone in their hybrids.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

First up to achieve this is Face Wrap technology (as seen in the G425 Fairway metals). This is a single piece of maraging steel and should offer 100% face flex with an increase of 1.5mph ball speed. Basically as the face wraps around the crown and sole more, the increased area flexes more at impact and forms higher ball speed.

The second new term from Ping in their hybrids and fairways is Spinsistency, meaning mishits go longer. The face shape has changed from a traditional circle to an ovoid. This egg shape captures the mishit shots in the top and bottom of the face better and so keeps the spin numbers more consistent to a strike out of the middle.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

Usually strikes out of the bottom of the club (which are the most-common with hybrids and fairways) have increased spin and the shots out of the top of the face have lower spin. This new shape is said to equal these numbers out more which makes total sense to me and can only be a good thing.

The hybrid is also said to be 3.7% higher inertia vs the G410 and so carries an extra 3.5 yards, especially with lower shots carrying further due to the Spinsistency.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

The is also more loft offerings than ever before for 2021: 2 -17 degree, 3 -19 degree, 4- 22 degree, 5 - 26 degree, 6 - 30 degree, and 7 - 34 degree (new offering to replace a 7 iron in the bag, Azahara Munoz a staff Ping player currently games a 6 hybrid which may surprise many.

The Test

Using Trackman 4 and Titleist Pro V1x golf balls at my simulator at LSH Auto’s, Mercedes Benz Stockport I tested the 2 and 3 hybrids alongside the 4 crossover. All of the clubs have been set up to my specs.

I then took them outside to Prestbury golf club to play a few holes...

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

Looks and Feel

I know you are thinking that I will be biased as I’ve played Ping golf clubs forever, well you are right. In my opinion I think Ping make the best looking hybrids on the market and this years have gone up another level.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

The stealth, matte black finish, minus the turbuators and this club looks like something you'd find in our Mercedes Benz garage in Stockport. The more traditional teardrop hybrid shape is the one I love rather than a baffler shape, no straight edges just soft, small and sophisticated.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

The Turbulators are long gone as apparently they never helped aerodynamics on the hybrids and fairways and there is a new alignment aid of 3 dots on the crown. The face painted with the grooves and middle spot highlighted is a feature which really helps with address, however I am not sure how much the dots do.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

These hybrids feel solid straight off the bat no matter where you hit them. The face is easy to manoeuvre to suit the shape that you want too. Hybrids are so much easier to turn over which can be a good or bad thing depending on the player.

Indoor Performance

I spent an hour of testing indoors making love hearts on the screen with my ball flight: fades, draws you name it, then repeat. I could change the flight whichever way I wanted - high and low or distance long and short.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

Now the hybrid 3 is the one that I have all the variability with, the hybrid 2 is the one I wanted to perform like a 5 wood and get some distance out of - so I really felt like I had some great options.

Stats wise the spin was incredibly consistent between the fade and draws. As you can see below I had one that was in below 3000 rpm but it still flew the right number carry. In fact the difference in carry between my highest and lowest spin shots was only 3 yards in carry which is pleasing to see. As I say the consistency and ease of use of these hybrids is astonishing.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

Outdoor Performance

As I expected, the good stuff continued out on the golf course. The turf interaction was brilliant and it glides through the wet rough easily with a nice shallow divot.

One that sticks out in the memory - I hit a beauty of a punched hybrid into the 13th hole at Prestbury, the control and steadiness and forgiveness is clear to see especially in tough wet winter conditions. These golf clubs will help a lot of golfers. Well done Ping.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

Ping G425 Hybrid Verdict

The hybrid is my favourite piece of kit I have tried from the G425 range and unfortunately the Crossover is least, I repeat in my opinion. But this is the part of the bag which offers so many options, remember you can add a long iron and fairway wood into this section also and really customise it specifically to your game.

Thank God I got these hybrids fitted to my spec as they will be diving into the 2021 Sophie Walker golf bag. The looks are softer than ever and the spin is incredibly consistent which is exactly what I want.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

I think the Arccos smart grip technology is another great addition to Ping, the tracking will really help you lower your handicap as it acts as a caddy and coach. Stats don’t lie so make sure you download the app and use these free tags to allow you to 'Play Your Best' as a certain Mr Solheim once said...

Who Is It Aimed At?

Hybrids are great for anyone who swings the club shallow and struggles with launching their longer irons. I have an optimum in my bag at 3 iron where it becomes harder to hit and goes a similar distance to my 4 iron. Hybrids are great if you need to carry water, bunkers and stop the ball on the greens coming in from height.

They aren’t as good for people who swing the club steep and fear the miss left. Golfers with a lot variations of club delivery can generate far too much spin meaning they will go nowhere. This can be a nightmare, especially in windy conditions.

One final point, on the hybrid vs Crossover debate - you must be mindful when trying hybrids and crossovers to compare them against the club it is replacing in terms of flight and distance. You don’t want to have a different club but the same yardage as that’s a waste and you also don’t want too big a distance gap between your clubs.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review


  • Shaping of the head suits my eye
  • Looks better without turbulators
  • Great amount of loft variations
  • Consistency of strike is brilliant
  • Spinsistency seems to work


  • This is a 5 star review and I genuinely cannot find one with these hybrids.

Ping G425 Hybrid Review

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Ping G425 Hybrid

Ping G425 Hybrid - Product Details

UK Launch11 January 2021
UK Launch RRP£249
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts17°, 19°, 22°, 26°, 30°, 34°
Right Handed Lofts17°, 19°, 22°, 26°, 30°, 34°
Swing WeightD1
AdjustabilityLoft, Face Angle
Shaft NamePing Alta CB 70 Slate, Ping Tour 85, Adila Rogue Black Hybrid 95, Mistubishi Tensei CK Pro 80 Orange
Shaft TypesSteel
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff, X Stiff
GripArccos Caddie Smart Grip
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

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