Martin Hopley

The 2011 Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is a big design change to the previous model thanks to the different dimple pattern.

Titleist claim this is supposed to help it hold its line in the wind more and in our testing this certainly seemed to be the case with the ball performing very impressively into the breeze.

The spin levels seemed similar in general play to before with excellent control and feel around the greens. Distance and durability were similar to before so therefore the stability seems to be the key benefit and overall the 2011 version of the Titleist Pro V1 is still the ball to beat.

The 2011 version is denoted by the 2 plain arrows either side of the Pro V1 on the side stamp.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Titleist Pro V1 2011 Golf Ball

Titleist Pro V1 2011 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch27 January 2011
Handicap Range
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelSoft
Colour OptionsWhite
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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