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When we think about TaylorMade putters, we automatically think Spider. But now after 15 years, TaylorMade has decided it’s time to fill a gap in their putter line-up with the new TP Reserve premium putter range.

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putters Review

In this review I'll be focusing on the M47 mid-mallet model.

The Tech

All putters in the TP Reserve range are fine milled to create precise detail and character across the clubs. The clubface grooves are machine milled to reduce the surface area impacting the ball, with TaylorMade promising this will give us a crisp sound and soft feel at impact.

Across the range we see 3 classic blades and 3 refined ballets, each with refined top lines and profiles to produce a collection of ‘Tour-inspired’ putters with premium styling.

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putters Review

As well as the various putter head options, we also see four refined hosel combinations to fit the individual player on preferred toe hang and alignment. The M47 is a mid-mallet with a single bend hosel and 15 degrees of toe hang, which sits on the lower-end of the options across the range.

The clubs are designed and machined with soft 303 stainless steel to enhance sound and feel. Each putter is matched up on length and swingweight, by finetuning using sole weights for optimum stability and performance.

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putters Review

To further enhance the premium feel of these putters, each comes finished with a KBS 120 Chrome stepless shaft and Black Lamkin Deep Etched Pistol grip.

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TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putter Review

Looks and Feel

The TP Reserve putters come with a premium leather headcover, with a very minimalist design and soft-to-the-touch feel. Straight away I was really impressed by the quality and details on the headcover, which from a first impression point of view makes you think premium. It's a good start.

The M47 design was the closest in the TP Reserve line up to my current Scotty Cameron Select GoLo putter, however, one big difference was the colour. My current putter has a dark finish, which I’ve become accustomed to over many years, whereas every putter in the TP Reserve range comes in a more classic silver finish.

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putters Review

Initially, I found myself a bit distracted by this, as visually I could see the silver arc as I swung through the putt which I wasn’t a huge fan of. If you're used to a dark finish like I am, worth bearing in mind it might take time to get used to.

Something to point out also, if you’re considering moving over from a Spider putter to one of the mallets in the TP Reserve, is that the alignment doesn’t run all the way across the putter head to the face. Instead, it stops at the face of the putter in a very similar way to most Scotty Cameron’s. This might be an issue if you’re used to using the full-length line on the Spider putters to help with alignment.

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putters Review

Surprisingly enough, I ended up preferring the looks of the B13 blade putter in the TP Reserve collection to the M47, even though I’m so used to playing with a mallet.

The M47 had a softer feel to it overall, which ever so slightly took away from that ‘precision’ feel this family is meant to be built upon. However, as soon as you take a closer look at the overall design of the putter head you’re reminded of the premium feel.

The sole of the clubhead has precision detailing, a large sole plate and some other added detailing, which I’m a big fan of. It’s clear that a lot of time and care has been put into the design of this section, while the visuals at address have been left to be very plain. Personally, I would have liked more of the ‘premium feel’ from the base design to be carried over to the top of the putter.

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putters Review

The feel of the M47 was soft and controlled – I felt a lot more forgiveness in this putter than I did with the B13, which is what you would expect... If I could combine the looks of the B13 and the feel of the M47 I think that could have been my dream putter!


I found that the M47 performed consistently well across all types and lengths of putts. This was different to the B13 model, which I felt only really suited me on shorter lengths. During the test I holed some putts of length and really was impressed by it's overall performance.

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putters Review

I found it very easy to find speed control on new greens with the M47 when I was still struggling to get the feel with the B13 in the same time frame. The M47 was without a doubt my favourite on the longer putts and performed equally well as the B13 on shorter lengths.

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putter Verdict

All of the models in the TP Reserve range come in at £379 RRP. These putters are designed to compete with the likes of Scotty Cameron, Odyssey Toulon, Evnroll and Bettinardi, while hitting a price point just slightly below what we’d expect to pay for these tough competitors.

With the M47 putter in hand, I very much felt like this was a premium putter, with great design, detailing and care and attention taken in the craftsmanship. It was only when I had it at address that the magic wasn’t quite there for me, as the design is so simple and plain.

I can however understand why TaylorMade has chosen to do this, as many golfers don’t want to be faced with something overwhelming and flashy when trying to focus on their short-game - these putters are not trying to appeal to Spider lovers. I’d have just liked to have seen a bit more of that fine-tuned detailing somewhere on the top of the club to carry the premium feel across the entire head.

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putters Review

As I mentioned in my B13 review, I also feel as though the ‘Reserve’ branding fell slightly short, purely because it reminded me of the Ping women’s “Rhapsody” clubs I had when I was younger. For me this just doesn't add up to the identity they are trying to build going into the premium-putter market.

With this all-in mind, I’d say this is a great option if you’re looking to upgrade to a premium putter at that slightly lower price point than Scotty Cameron. Good putter, but certainly won't have the effect Spider has.

Would I Use It?

I felt confident on and around the greens, but, for a ‘premium putter’ I’m looking for the sharp precision detailing seen on the base of the club to be incorporated more on the top for a more cohesive putter-head design, especially due to the extra space available on a mallet head.

Who Is It Aimed At?

The M47 is designed for a golfer who wants the look and feel of a premium mid-mallet putter, coming in at a slightly lower price point than your standard Scotty Cameron, Evnroll, Bettinardi etc, if that sound like you - add it to your testing list!

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putter Pros & Cons

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putters Review

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Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putter

TaylorMade TP Reserve M47 Putter - Product Details

UK Launch23 July 2023
UK Launch RRP£379
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts
Right Handed Lofts
Shaft NameKBS 120 Chrome Stepless
Shaft TypesSteel
GripBlack Lamkin Deep Etched Pistol
Putter ShapesMallet
Putter InsertNo
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

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