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Evnroll putters are designed by Guerin Rife, the designer of the Rife putters. He sold that company and then came back with a new concept...

“I wanted to get the ball to go the same distance no matter where you strike it, and that was the initial approach.” Rife therefore introduced grooves which varied in thickness across the face, to ensure that the results were similar no matter where you hit the putt on the club face.

Evnroll Zero Putter

The Zero is the standout model for Evnroll, both in terms of price (£425) and looks. It's an eye-catching putter with virtually every piece of technology you can think of packed into the head. So how does it work?

The Tech

There are 5 key bits of technology which go in to the makeup of the Zero putter, which is said to 'virtually lock the putter face to the target line through the putting stroke'.

  1. FaceForward Technology

This is the name that Evnroll have given to the shaft aligning close to the CG but more towards the toe of the putter than the face. This causes the face to point towards the target line and also helps to maintain loft on the face, increasing the chances of a smoother roll.

It's the same type of technology that has been seen in the Odyssey Backstryke in previous years.

  1. Gravity Grip

This grip features a 70 gram, 10 inch steel rod placed through the underside spine of the grip. The shaft angles backward to align with the CG so it has to have a diagonal shaft hole.

Evnroll Zero Putter

This allows the grip behind the centre of the leading edge of the putter face, whilst the weight of the steel rod also helps to enhance the FaceForward technology.

  1. Four-Point Weighting

Evnroll Zero Putter

The head has an ultra-light aluminium body with 30 gram steel weights positioned in each of the four corners of the head. Hollowing out the centre of the putter head also allowed the MOI to be maximised, providing extra stability.

  1. SweetFace Technology

Evnroll Zero Putter

Every single Evnroll putter comes with the brand's unique CNC milling pattern, which is designed to deliver consistent performance across the entire hitting area of the putter face, to improve accuracy and dispersion.

  1. Zero Alignment

The golf-ball sized, hollowed out centre features a white zero surround as well as a white centre line, to maximise MOI and also provide a key visual aid at address.

Evnroll Zero Putter Review

Looks and Feel

The Zero looks like an enormous 'K' shape with a black finish and a bright white alignment line. Another striking element element to the head is the golf ball-shaped hole cut out of the middle, which can save weight where you don't need it. The hole can also help to centre the golf ball in the middle of the face at address.

Evnroll Zero Putter

There's also the added bonus of the ball fitting perfectly inside the hole, so that you can pick it up if your playing partner allows gimmies.

There is so much going on to capture your attention that it can actually be easy to forget about the ball, which is what you should really be focused on. Add to this the unusual placement of the shaft going into the middle of the putter, and this head takes a lot of getting used to.

The Gravity Grip has weird lines and angles which don't match up with what you are used to seeing, so I would actually suggest that you don't look at the grip too much when setting up to the ball as it can get confusing.

Evnroll Zero Putter

The feel off the face was softer than I expected, maybe this was due to the size of the head as I assumed it would be heavy and clunky.

As a result I actually left plenty of putts short to begin with, although it was still a welcome feeling at impact, as it was soft and consistent.

The new Gravity Grip is massive and so this is encouraging you to take the hands out of the stroke. It is nice and tacky and feels premium in your hands.


This putter is certainly full on, it grabs your attention and when you first get it in your hands it's hard to know where to look! It's almost as if you've got a spaceship down by the ball.

Evnroll Zero Putter

The shaft enters the head in the middle and is angled towards the target, which actually feels natural for me even though it look strange. I need to give my hands forward as I deliver too much loft on the putter so this is actually helpful.

The size of both the grip and the putter head would actually annoy me, as I struggled to get the club in and out of my golf bag. It is bulky and heavy too, so that is worth bearing in mind if you use a carry bag as you'll have to carry it round.

Now for the positive stuff...

Making putts is the most important thing, it doesn't really matter what the club looks like, and this putter definitely did help with that.

Evnroll Zero Putter

The head didn't twist much at impact, and the strike was both true and soft. This made the start line so consistent that I felt as if the only thing which could go wrong was my read. The putter took care of the start line, and my distance control was excellent too.

Evnroll Zero Putter Verdict

This putter will set you back £425 which is clearly a lot of money, because you are paying not only for the craftmanship but for the innovative design and the multiple technologies which are included to help you with your putting.

Evnroll Zero Putter

The Zero is almost like a training aid combined with a putter, and everything that Evnroll could think of to help your putting has been thrown in, no matter what it looks like.

If you need some help with your putting as you struggle with feel or a consistent stroke, then the Zero should guide your nicely through your performance. This is the ultimate putter for forgiveness, and certainly gives your performance over style.

Who is it aimed at?

Golfers who don’t have the ability to control the putter face and struggle with their putting.

Would I use it?

No, it is too bulky for me. I love the leaning shaft idea and the grooves on the face though.

Evnroll Zero Putter

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Evnroll Zero Putter

Evnroll Zero Putter - Product Details

UK LaunchMarch 2022
UK Launch RRP£425
European LaunchMarch 2022
European Launch RRP€479
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts
Right Handed Lofts
MaterialSteel, Aluminium
GripEvnroll Gravity Grip
Putter ShapesMallet
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteEvnroll Website

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