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The TaylorMade Rossa Monza putter is becoming a more widely used design, especially amongst the mallet headed putter fraternity. The large flat sole means that you have to take your stance in a way that keeps it flat, but when you do, the weight balancing in the head makes it very easy to keep the head online, especially on the shorter putts, where it performed very well. Longer putts were a bit more of an issue, but then aren't they always. However it is from this range that most amateurs don't hit the ball with the centre of the putter and this is where the limitations of a relatively small insert in TaylorMade Rossa Monza face are a bit of a draw back. Pretty good but not as good as a Odyssey 2-ball - sorry TaylorMade!

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:
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TaylorMade Rossa Monza Putter

TaylorMade Rossa Monza Putter - Product Details

Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Club Lengths33, 34, 35 inches
Shaft TypesSteel
Putter InsertYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

User Reviews

June 2018

I've used this for over a decade. Great putter.

mark dawson
July 2006

The TaylorMade Rossa Monza was my first putter. It is easy to line up and has great balance. I would keep the head cover on though as it marks easy.

Jamie Kennedy
July 2005

This putter saved my putting. I had a Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2.5 and lost a lot of confidence after a bad spell of putting. I borrowed the TaylorMade Rossa Monza from a friend and never looked back. The Rossa Monza look just inspires confidence and I love it for putts under 6 feet. Very well weighted, not too heavy, but not so light that you go offline easily. The TaylorMade Rossa Monza has a really attractive head that is easy to line up and the insert gives a very consistent, soft hit which is what I look for on all green types. Reduced my putting by 3 putts a round so well worth a try if your struggling, I owe the TaylorMade Rossa Monza a lot for saving me on the greens.

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Media Reviews

Today's Golfer
June 2003
Sits superbly, bit too heavy, works efficiently.
Golf World
September 2003
Inspires confidence, easy to line up, super solid feel.

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