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The Ping G430 range set about to maintain the brand's position of producing some of the most forgiving metals in the game, but with added speed and distance gains for the best of both worlds.

Ping G430 Hybrid Review

Our reviews of the G430 Max and G430 LST Drivers earlier this year proved that they had managed to add a bit more zip without sacrificing any of their famous stability, but can the hybrid follow suit?

The Tech

Ping's big new technology for 2023 is the Carbonfly Wrap, an ultra-thin lightweight composite crown which wraps into the heel and tee sections of the head. It saves 8g of weight compared to a steel crown, helping to lower the CG to increase ball speed and improve the sound.

Ping G430 Hybrid Review

Facewrap Technology sees a thin, high-strength maraging steel face wrapping into the crown and sole to increase flexing, generating faster ball speed with higher launch to produce greater distance.

One feature that we have seen over the last couple of Ping ranges is the Spinsistency, where a 'variable roll radius' is said to create less loft lower on the face. This improves performance on thin shots by reducing spin and increasing ball speed.

Ping G430 Hybrid Review

The Trajectory Tuning helps golfers to customise their trajectory and ball flight for their individual best results, with 8 different positions allowing the loft and lie to be adjusted.

As well as the standard G430 Hybrid there is also a G430 High Launch, featuring a 5.5 gram backweight and lightweight shaft and grip so golfers with slower swing speeds can generate more speed and distance with a higher launch.

Ping G430 Hybrid Review


This is a fantastic looking club, I love the simplicity of the head with a simple dot for alignment and a carbon-esque matte design which is great if you are lucky enough to play in sunny weather.

Ping G430 Hybrid Review

Another plus is that you can see the white score lines on the face at address, which are really useful along with the alignment dot to make sure that you're squared up before you hit your shot.

It's more of a charcoal coloured head rather than black which I actually prefer as it softens the head shape a little bit.

I'm not a huge fan of the yellow/lime colour on this year's G430 range - I preferred the simplicity of the G425 - but it's pretty subtle on the hybrid compared to some of the other woods so I didn't really notice it.

The hybrid is exactly the kind of shape I like to see down by the ball, not too rounded and friendly enough without fearing that it's going to go left. I think you'll struggle to find a golfer anywhere who doesn't like the look of this club.

Ping G430 Hybrid Review


It provided a really solid feel off the face, not too soft but not too hard, and it felt really pleasing through the hands. Ping have really worked on improving the sound of their woods in recent years, as it's always been something that has divided opinion amongst golfers, and it's produced a satisfying result.

The hybrid is not quiet but it's nowhere near as loud or as tingy as in previous year, it's a more solid sound which helps to give you the feeling that you've struck the ball well and it feels and sounds fast off the face.


The performance of this hybrid really impressed me, as it was just so easy to hit and seemed to launch consistently and easily with a strong ball flight.

Ping G430 Hybrid Review

I've used hybrids for a number of years now in place of a 3 iron and as well as being easy to hit I like them to be versatile too, so that I can hit different shapes or change the flight if necessary. That's exactly what the G430 did.

Hybrids are more about fitting into a gap in the bag rather than all-out distance, but I was pleased to see that I was definitely getting a few extra yards of carry out of the G430 compared to my existing hybrid. It's always useful to have this when hitting into long par 3s or trying to reach a par 5 in two.

Testing the G430 Hybrid on the GC Hawk at Hukd Golf I was averaging just under 203 yards of carry but a couple of my better strikes were pushing up towards 210 which was impressive, with a couple of mis-hits dropping back down to just over 190 which is still finding the front of the green.

Ping G430 Hybrid Review

Ping have always been known for their forgiveness and it was reassuring to see that this has still remained despite the fact that the brand are chasing more ball speed and distance to keep up with the likes of Titleist, TaylorMade and Callaway.

Ping G430 Hybrid Verdict

This Ping G430 Hybrid is one of the best products I have tested this year. Ping hybrids have always had a reputation for being very good as they're friendly and consistent, but the brand has managed to add a bit of extra speed off the face which equates to a few extra yards too, giving them the best of both worlds.

Ping G430 Hybrid Review

At an RRP of £295 they will definitely be at the top end of most people's budgets, and spending almost £300 on just a hybrid feels steep, but that is increasingly becoming the going price for the big brands and there's plenty of technology packed in there too.

If you're looking for a new hybrid to test, this has to be on your list.

Who Is It Aimed At?

The G430 Hybrid is something which could be used by virtually any golfer, and if you look closely you'll probably see them on the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour as well as in the bags of average golfers at your local golf clubs. They're versatile, easy to hit and great looking. For golfers who still need a bit of extra help with launch and speed, there's also the HL (High Launch) option.

Would I Use It?

It may just find its way into my bag over the next few weeks, I loved using it.

Ping G430 Hybrid Review

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Ping G430 Hybrid

Ping G430 Hybrid - Product Details

UK Launch26 January 2023
UK Launch RRP£295
USA Launch26 January 2023
USA Launch RRP$365
European Launch26 January 2023
European Launch RRP€365
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Shaft TypesGraphite
Number/Loft2/17°, 3/19°, 4/22°, 5/26°, 6/30°, 7/34°
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

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August 2023

I play the 3 and 5 hybrid. These clubs, along with regular lessons, have helped transform my game. Gone from a 20 to a 15 handicap, and I give these hybrids a lot of the credit!

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