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The TaylorMade AeroBurner irons are not only about speed, but also about forgiveness.

The speed comes from the larger face that is longer than the TaylorMade RSi 2 irons and that enables it to flex more and act more like a wood.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons

This also makes the face thinner across a wider area and TaylorMade has reinforced the back with a couple of stabilising bars and a badge that is made from steel instead of the usual aluminium.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons

The main word that comes into your mind when you put the clubs behind the ball is big. Not only are the heads larger, but they have a thick top line and a deep cavity with a large trailing edge.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons

This trailing edge is well hidden until you get to the 5 iron when it starts to peak out of the back visually at address, which may count against it for some.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons

That aside, most of the set looks pretty good, although the shorter irons really do look like they have been dodging the salad bar.

As you go down through the set, the offset reduces from 7mm in the 4-iron to 2.5mm in the short irons and this helps the looks throughout.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons

What does not change is the head size, which remains consistent rather than getting progressively smaller like it does in the RSi 2 irons, which is a good thing in this category of iron.

Like the RSi, the AeroBurner irons come with a SpeedPocket in the sole to maintain ball speed on those low centre strikes from 4 to 7 iron. From 8-iron down there is no pocket as apparently it does not add as much benefit here.

Crucially the feel remains pretty much the same whether there is a slot or not and that makes the set feel more consistent. The feel at impact is solid with a decent level of feedback for such a large cavity back and even minor mis-hits felt like they were coming out of the middle.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons

Unlike the RSi 2 irons, there are no face slots, which at first glance seems odd given this is pushed as a high forgiveness iron. However the faces are so long you would have to be hitting way off centre to get any benefit from them. It's also a bit of a product/price differentiator as the AeroBurner irons are around £100 cheaper than their face slot siblings.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons

TaylorMade has paired the AeroBurner with steel and graphite React shafts that are light and have a softer tip to work with the low and deep CG to launch the ball higher.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons

This is ideal for lower swing speed players and in some of the regular flexes will work well. I tested the AeroBurner iron in a stiff steel shaft and I was pleasantly surprised that the flight was mid to high and broadly similar to the RSi 2 peak height for each iron.

They will go further though, as the lofts are a degree stronger than even the RSi 2 irons. Having a 4-iron at 19° makes a mockery of iron numbering as any iron under 20° in my bag has a 2 on it.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons

However, that is where we are these days as the numbering is guided by trajectory height and not distance. Anyway iron distance is all about getting a consistent set of yardages from a group of clubs so in theory the numbers are a bit irrelevant anyway.

Having seen a European Tour Pro carry an AeroBurner 4-iron 280 yards, you do wonder where we are going with irons like these, but having large faces with a CT as high as a driver means that distance is controlled as much by length of shaft as anything else.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons

Anyway, I digress, as the TaylorMade AeroBurner irons do perform and feel very consistent throughout the set and this is what I feel puts them ahead of the more expensive RSi 2 irons if you are a mid to high handicapper.

Compared to other models in this sector, the AeroBurner Irons could offer a little more feel and some form of X factor to make them really stand out. However they are a worthy challenger, look good and offer value for money if you want a quality, forgiving set of irons.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons - Product Details

UK Launch18 March 2015
UK Launch RRP£599
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Swing WeightD2
Shaft NameReax 88 HL (Steel), AeroBurner Reax 60 (Graphite), AeroBurner Reax 50 (Graphite - Ladies)
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexLadies, Regular, Stiff
GripTM Speed Black / Red
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, GW
Additional ClubsSW
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

User Reviews

November 2017

Have been very satisfied with these irons, they cover up mis hits & yield good distances for shots well struck. No need to continuously upgrade clubs due to promises of significant gains from technology. It's a trap many including myself have fallen into

July 2017

I'm your typical non serious weekend golfer, don't play enough to develop a consistent swing. Was using some golfsmith more blade like knockoffs and they'd be fine when I hit a good shot (almost never) it was killing golf for me and was going 3 or 4 times a year for fun (minus the fun) when someone would convinced me (with beer to ease the pain).

Got a set of Aeroburners and wow I love golf again... I'm 6"1 210 and find most clubs to feel very light and my swing plain gets erratic on back swing, I'm also left hand dominant but swing right causing me to pull up a bit in my swing with lighter feeling clubs. The bottom heavy feeling is great and when I pull up it's forgiving. Literally hitting the ball 30 yards further and actually hitting some greens in regulation, instantly saving a shot off my game per hole right away.

I don't get some or the negative stuff I read from traditonalists on these modernized " "cheater" clubs. All I have to do is place the ball at my front foot for comfort, take it back and swing to 1 oclock and I can just crush my irons.. My new problem isn't getting enough carry to hit a green it's getting used to using all my wedges cuz I hit my 9 alot further.

Cheater clubs all the way 👍👍

March 2017

Great feel in my hands and great distance better than the RSi1.

February 2017

Great driver.

October 2016

Excellent irons.

I purchased mine from American Golf whilst they were on discount. It was between these and the Wilson Staff D200's.

I just found that I struck the TaylorMades far more purely than the Wilsons, which seemed to be a little out of balance for me. The TaylorMades just seemed to suit my swing type.

Still getting used to them really, but the improvement over my hand-me-down beginners set is amazing!

September 2016

By no means qualified to write a review of golf clubs but after 10+ years out of the game, I'm happy to say that I have these clubs on my side! I've used everything from Dunlop and Northwestern growing up - to Ping, Callaway, and Mizuno - these are the purest swinging irons I've ever felt! It's effortless, and the results are far more consistent than anything I have ever used in the past - even when I was at the top of my game when I was as an 11 handicap. Distance is great, and accuracy is spot on. I hear the cliche that it's the Indian, not the arrow - well this Indian is far better off with these arrows in his bag! The fact that they are a couple seasons old now, and I was able to get a fantastic deal on them just makes it better!

July 2016

Switched to the AeroBurner's after 15 years with my Callaway X14's. I immediately realised that a decade and a half of club technology improvement makes these clubs an outstanding investment. Swing for swing, I would say they are around 20 yards longer on the PW-8 irons. With the 7-5 irons I'm hitting around 30 yards more distance with a far greater consistency and accuracy of shot. Unfortunately, my putting is still a shambles, but that's not the fault of these clubs.

July 2016

Just got my AeroBurner's and love them. They are not just for beginners as I'm a good player and they are the best club that I have owned. don't know if I hit them much farther then my old clubs but my mis-hits are much better letting me hit more greens and more birdie putts.

June 2016

Got fitted for new irons recently, and the AeroBurner set was one of two recommended after all the relevant analysis. I opted for the AeroBurners, as I'd had them in mind anyway. Couldn't be happier! Also, thanks to a free 10 minute lesson, I've stopped pushing my shots to the right. The first round I played with them, I found very quickly that I had to take one iron less than I normally do for approach shots to the green (overhit the first few!) so obviously I'm hitting further as well. I recommend these irons for high handicappers like me!!!!

April 2016

Hitting my new AeroBurner irons 30 yards longer than my old Callaway's!!!

April 2016

Best clubs in the world. Can hit all the clubs 10-20 yards further then my other set! Great for beginners who like a lot of forgiveness! Taylor made did amazing with this set.

April 2016

I love my AeroBurners! Lots of forgiveness if you are looking for that! I have a complete set and they are working great. Great for starters that have lots of money.

March 2016

I just purchased by AeroBurner irons and I love them. I hit them at least 10 to 20 yards further thanmy previous set.

January 2016

Just got mine love them,still getting used to the extra 10 or 20 yards I am picking up with these monsters....yes they are a bit big, but, when you hit them correctly, wow!!!!!

September 2015

Changing from my burner 2.0 irons I went out and purchased the RocketBladez. They ended up being the same exact club as the burner 2.0. I exchanged them for the Aeroburner clubs and I couldn't be more pleased. These are very explosive clubs. The switch put an extra 20 yards on each club with no problem. I'm hitting my 4,5 & 6 irons with no issues ( I couldn't hit them to save my life with my old clubs) the only down side is par 3's will take some getting use to. A 140 yard shot is accomplished easily with a pitching wedge. Not a big deal. Most exciting thing is you will find yourself lined up for Eagles on par 5's every once in awhile with the distance on the Aeroburners.

September 2015

This club has made golf a little more exciting. I am 3 years into the sport and shoot in the high 90's.

July 2015

I purchased the 5 iron to SW at American Golf in Maidstone at the weekend. Richard the Assistant Pro put these in as a wild card as I was testing other brands, Callaway and Cobra. When I hit these I knew immediately they were the club for me. Having used them today the only problem I had was getting used to the extra distance. A 144 yard par 3 was reduced to a Pitching Wedge. On the 18th, a tree lined fairway a longish par 4, I hit 5 iron off the tee and a 5 iron on the green but a tad long. I am 66 years young and these clubs took me back to my younger golfing days. Superb set of irons which I would strongly recommend. Use the modern technology to improve your game.

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