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The first thing that stood out to me when I saw the details of the new Shot Scope Pro L2 rangefinder was the price - £149.99 makes it one of the best value lasers on the market and it is an impressive £50 cheaper than the previous Pro L1.

Shot Scope Pro L2 Laser Review

So how have Shot Scope managed to do that, and does it mean it'll compromise performance?

The Tech

The Shot Scope Pro L2 is said to offer new and improved technology which is designed to give golfers accurate distance on the course with improved speed to pick up targets.

It benefits from the same firmware as the brand's top of the range Pro LX laser, and now features a built-in magnet which allows the device to attach to a buggy or trolley for improved accessibility.

Shot Scope Pro L2 Laser Review

The Pro L2 offers slope-adjusted distances, like all good rangefinders do these days, which takes into account any elevation changes and can be turned on and off during competition play.

Target lock vibration gives the golfer confidence that they have found the right target, whilst rapid-fire detection allows the player to find their yardage quickly and accurately.

Shot Scope Pro L2 Laser Review

The laser has a 700 yard range, and the x6 magnification means that a target 150 yards away will look as clear as if it was just 25 yards away.

Shot Scope Pro L2 Rangefinder Review

The looks of the Pro L2 are pretty similar to the previous Pro L1 with the device featuring Shot Scope's signature black/blue colourway, although it is also offered in black and grey too.

Shot Scope Pro L2 Laser Review

In all honesty I probably preferred the slightly more technical look of the Pro L1 with the grips on the top and bottom of the device and the light which indicates whether the Slope technology is on or off, but perhaps the more basic design of the Pro L2 is one of the ways in which they have been able to save money.

Shot Scope Pro L2 Laser Review

In the hand it feels lightweight and it's a nice size so that you're easily able to use it with just one hand. I felt like the shape could've been made a little more ergonomic to fit the hand in the way that the Pro LX models were, although I'm nitpicking there really.

Shot Scope Pro L2 Laser Review

The device comes complete with a carry case including both zip and bungee latch closure options, as well as a carabiner clip which can be used to attach to your bag or even your belt (not that I've ever seen anyone do that).

Out on the course, the Pro L2 picked up yardages pretty quickly and when testing against my own Bushnell Pro XE they matched up every time to within a yard. The target lock vibration sent you a little buzz just after the yardage popped up on the screen, giving you a nice bit of reassurance that you've found your target.

Shot Scope Pro L2 Laser Review

The lock also gave you an extra couple of seconds to make sure that you've read the yardage correctly before disappearing too which was a bonus.

I tested the device on a day where the visibility was very good which made the view in the viewfinder very easy to see, although I did feel as though some of the yardages were a little hard to see at times. The eyepiece itself almost felt as if it could've been a little bigger so that there was enough room to display the information.

Shot Scope Pro L2 Laser Review

The scan feature worked well and was very responsive to the different targets of trees and flags as I panned across the course, with the yardages switching around on the screen as I locked on to different targets.

Shot Scope have changed the switch for the slope technology to a much larger tab rather than the smaller switch in the Pro L1 which probably makes it a little easier to use even if it isn't quite as smart in my opinion. It might also make it easier for your playing partners to spot when you've got the mode on and off, particularly in bright sunlight when the red light may have been harder to spot.

Shot Scope Pro L2 Rangefinder Verdict

The Pro L1 was Shot Scope's first attempt at a laser and for me, there's not been a great deal change with the Pro L2 besides the fact that the price has gone down by £50, although that is a real plus point I suppose.

Shot Scope Pro L2 Laser Review

We were impressed with the Pro L1 when it was first released and the Pro L2 continues on a similar theme. It's simple, easy to use and dependable.

Shot Scope have made their name with performance tracking technology, and the V3 Watch is still one of the best bits of tech I have tested if you're looking to go in-depth to improve your game. But the brand are also forging a reputation in the rangefinder market and providing good products at an attractive price point will only help their popularity going forward.

Who Is It Aimed At?

I can see it being ideal for a golfer who is looking for their first laser but doesn't want to break the bank; perhaps a junior golfer or a relative newcomer who's game is improving and wants the precision of a rangefinder but without having to pay Garmin or Bushell prices.

Would I Use it?

I currently use a Bushnell Pro XE which I'd confidently say is the best laser I have ever used so I can't see it being replaced for now. If I was on a budget though, the Shot Scope Pro L2 would definitely be on my shortlist.

Shot Scope Pro L2 Laser Review

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Shot Scope Pro L2 Golf GPS Rangefinder

Shot Scope Pro L2 Golf GPS Rangefinder - Product Details

UK Launch13 April 2023
UK Launch RRP£149.99
USA Launch13 April 2023
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
Device TypeGPS Handheld
Power OptionsBattery
Manufacturer's WebsiteShot Scope Website

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