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Since the original Shot Scope GPS Performance Tracker in 2016, we've reviewed all of the Scottish brand's products and to say they have improved since then, would be an understatement.

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder

However, an area in which I believe they are yet to conquer is the laser rangefinder category. Although there was clear improvement from the L1 laser to the Pro LX+, and Pro L2 models, Shot Scope were still seen primarily as a GPS/shot tracking brand, as opposed a brand that could really compete with the likes of Bushnell and Nikon when it came to rangefinders.

With a complete 'back to the drawing board' approach, the design, look and interface in the new Shot Scope Pro ZR is hoping to change that.

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder

I reviewed this model over multiple rounds in different conditions to come to a verdict on it's overall performance.

Who Is It Aimed At?

If you're thinking about investing in a golf product with an RRP of £299, that doesn't either carry your clubs or help you hit the ball, let's be honest, the chances are you have plenty of disposable income and/or play golf to a decent standard.

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder

With the lower budget Pro L2 and Pro LX rangefinders remaining in their range, Shot Scope are aiming the Pro ZR at the golfer that is used to premium quality accessories - the golfer that doesn't mind paying to get the best in class. However, with the new ZR you're still £100 cheaper than the latest Bushnell - so there is that to consider too.

The Tech

Unsurprisingly, Shot Scope are referring to the new Pro ZR as a 'game-changing laser rangefinder'. The main story as you can probably tell by the pictures in this review is the new metallic body and new DuraShield Hardshell construction, that make it look much more robust than any Shot Scope rangefinders that have gone before it.

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder

Secondly, and arguably the most important enhancement in terms of performance is the enhanced target-lock and rapid-fire detection which is Shot Scope's fastest to date and "which rivals any rangefinder on the market."

The full list of features includes:

  • Target-lock vibration & rapid-fire technology
  • DuraShield Hardshell
  • Ultra clear LCD display
  • Anti-slip rubber grip
  • Built-in extra-strong magnet
  • Reb/Black dual optics
  • 1500 yards range in yards or metres
  • x6 magnification
  • Adaptive slope technology
  • Replaceable CR2 battery
  • Access to aerial GPS maps of any course, via free Shot Scope mobile app
  • Water resistant

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder Review

Although I quite like the simple look and feel of the Shot Scope Pro L2, a criticism I always had was how light it felt in the hands, therefore making it hard to lock in to targets as easily, as well as making it feel a little cheap.

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder

Thankfully, the Shot Scope Pro ZR has gone some way to combat this. The Pro ZR weighs 340 grams compared to the lightweight 215 gram Pro L2 and is also around a third larger in scale. On first impressions alone when holding the Shot Scope, there's no doubt that this focus on build quality has led to an improved product.

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder

It fits in the hands nicely and the added weight not only helps lock on to the target much easier (especially in windy conditions) but subconsciously the harder wearing design gives you more confidence in the yardage you are given. This is half the battle with a rangefinder or GPS device - you need to have 100% confidence in the number you're playing to otherwise what's the point?

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder

The look of the Pro ZR is much more of a contemporary approach, featuring straighter lines, sharper edges and a gunmetal grey and electric blue colourway that really helps this rangefinder to pop more than previous generations. Even the name and the branding is a much more modern approach which I think will help it's appeal.

The performance of the Pro ZR was impressive, and much more reassuring than Shot Scope lasers that I have used in the past. Finding the pin (or any target for that matter, i.e. a bunker or tree) the Pro ZR was quick giving instant yardage at the push of a button. Once you find the pin enhanced target lock vibration gives you the reassurance that you've got the flag and this process really is an improvement on Shot Scope lasers of the past.

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder

Another area of improvement I found was the lens on the Pro ZR. When combined with the LCD display and 6x magnification it meant finding the target was easier than ever before with Shot Scope. As standard with more premium lasers now there is also the option to easily toggle between red and black optics depending on the harshness of the light.

A criticism I do have however is with main button on the top, I would have just preferred it to be more substantial with a harder 'click'. With a market leading rangefinder like the Bushnell Tour V6 this button is a lot more robust, which again I find to physically just give you that more assertion when stepping into the shot.

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder

You can make something look harder-wearing but if the mechanics of it don't feel it, there's little point. Shot Scope could still improve in this area in my opinion.

Also, a feature which I am sad to see go is the comfort stability grip in the Pro LX which I thought was great, it fit really snug in the hands and just offered something a little different aesthetically in the market. It really gave Shot Scope a distinction away from everyone else.

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder Verdict

This is the best rangefinder that Shot Scope has produced, period.

It's packed with features, quick, accurate and the extra weight along with new design means that Shot Scope really are heading in the right direction in the premium laser category.

However that doesn't mean that it's perfect... yet, and unfortunately its competition pretty much is. For me the execution on the buttons, plus just the feel and overall build still isn't quite as solid as the best in the business.

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder

Would I Use It?

In all honesty, I will be sticking with my Bushnell for now. But, as a slightly less-expensive option, the Pro ZR Rangefinder is a great option and will attract many golfers that want a premium rangefinder but will struggle to part with over £300 for a Bushnell.

Shot Scope ZR Pro Rangefinder Pros and Cons

Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder

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Shot Scope Pro ZR Golf GPS Rangefinder

Shot Scope Pro ZR Golf GPS Rangefinder - Product Details

UK Launch23 January 2024
UK Launch RRP£299.99
European Launch23 January 2024
European Launch RRP€349.99
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
Device TypeLaser
Shot MeasurementYes
Power OptionsBattery
DimensionsWidth: 115mm, Height: 75mm, Depth: 40mm
Device Weight340 grams
Manufacturer's WebsiteShot Scope Website

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