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The Shot Scope Pro LX+ offers three-in-one functionality that combines a laser rangefinder, golf GPS handheld device and shot tracking analysis, all in one purchase. Can't be bad...

Shot Scope ProLX+ Review

I tested all three aspects of this product at Stockport Golf Club to see if they helped me understand more about golf course strategy and my own game in numbers.

The Tech

In this review I am going breakdown each of the three main components of the Pro LX+, talk through setting them up and then discuss how they worked together on the golf course.

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H4 GPS Handheld

The GPS and shot tracking goes through the H4 GPS device, which is a compact, matchbox size, square device very similar in design and size to the screen of the Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch. There are two buttons on either side of the H4 for navigating through the screens which work nicely - a touchscreen on a device this small wouldn't be necessary.

Shot Scope ProLX+ Review

On it's own, this small screen is housed in a plastic cradle that can be attached via a small clip to wherever you would like it: your belt, golf bag or even the peak of your hat. Now with the introduction of the Pro LX+ it can also be connected to the Pro LX laser thanks to a strong magnet which sits directly below the lens viewfinder on the device. The magnet is strong enough that anybody worrying about it coming loose on the golf course need not be worried, it fits in snug and tight to the device.

Shot Scope ProLX+ Review

The H4 GPS is very easy to use: it located the course I was testing on instantly and displayed reliable information including distances to the front, middle and back of the green as well as hazards and lay up numbers. The display on the screen itself is simple, clear and quick to load data. I had no problems whatsoever with the data that H4 GPS produced, standalone it's a great product, up there with the industry-standard Bushnell Phantom GPS.

Performance Tracking

The H4 Handheld device also comes with 16 tracking tags which are to be screwed in to the top of your grips.

Before heading out to the golf course, you need to download the free Shot Scope App, register yourself and then each club you have tagged. The process of screwing the tags into the tops of your grips is simple, as each tag is initialled with each club's name and they are very light so won’t effect the swing weight of your club. Once screwed in, you really do forget they are there.

Shot Scope ProLX+ Review

To use the tracking tag, you then have to manually tag every shot by tapping the end of your club near the screen of the GPS.

The H4 unit then vibrates to let you know that the tag has been successful, and the name of the last club tagged is also displayed on the screen to confirm it has been detected which is a clever and handy little feature.

Shot Scope ProLX+ Review

I started with the H4 GPS attached to the laser, but quickly switched it to on my person as when I was putting I had to take the laser onto the green with me which is not something I'd usually do - it's too big to put in my pocket whilst putting. Tagging each shot like this felt pretty natural to me as I used Game Golf on tour but I would warn that this takes some time to get used to and build into your routine. Just to figure out where best to place your H4 device so that it works for your game.

Pro LX Rangefinder

The Pro LX Rangefinder is certainly an improvement on the Shot Scope Pro L1 laser that I tested last year. The build quality is far more robust and of a higher level and it just looks miles better in my opinion. It's a compact laser which sits in a Shot Scope protective case that can be clipped onto your golf bag.

Shot Scope ProLX+ Review

The Pro LX comes available in three colourways: black and orange, black and grey and black and blue. The unit I tested was in black and orange which I have to say looked very similar to that of a Bushnell. In elite golf there can be a stigma if you don’t use Bushnell but these colours would help disguise what laser you are using if you're the brand conscious type.

Compared to the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift laser the Pro LX+ is a little lighter (even though is still heavier than the L1 model) and seems more plastic in its finish.

I do like the shaping to the comfort stability grip to help your thumb and fore finger hold the device nice and steady - this looks the part and actually improves functionality. To me it still didn't feel as nice quality as the Bushnell but it performed within one yard of its higher priced rival.

Shot Scope ProLX+ Review

It has target-lock vibration so that when you are locked on to the flag the device vibrates in your hand. The lens was clear and also offered slope information which can be turned on or off on the side of the device - again this slope switch is an improvement on the L1. There is also the option to change from yards to metres.

When you have finished your round, click the GPS device to finish and from there you go into the mobile app. The round can be transferred via bluetooth from GPS to phone, you can then alter your shots and readjust the flag positions. Your round is then saved to your profile and you can see all your stats. This can then be compared to Tour players and a multitude of handicaps using the process called Strokes Gained.

Shot Scope Pro LX+ Review

All elements of the Shot Scope range of products are improving year on year, and the beauty is that you can use them all individually or together depending on your golfing needs any given day.

The three products together is an ideal combination for competitive play but you would need some practice as it could get distracting with so much information available and remembering to tag, don't forget to focus on your golf!

If you're thinking of buying the Pro LX+, I would advise starting with the GPS, add the laser and then bring the tags into the picture. Gather that information in practice so you know how far you hit your clubs and then eventually bring the tags into competition play once you have them in your pre-shot routine.

Shot Scope ProLX+ Review

The laser has progressed from the previous models in quality of build as it is easier t hold and much sturdier. Still I feel it has a way to go to catch Bushnell - it's still a bit 'plasticky'. For gathering yardages, performance was impressive - it matched the Bushnell in results but from over 300 yards struggled and took a split second longer to capture flags when there was a busy background of trees or bushes.

The GPS was great as always, matching up to the laser numbers and helping my strategy in avoiding bunkers and hazards. What was also handy is that it showed the club you had tagged on the dashboard so you didn’t tag twice. It also vibrated when you tagged to know you had recorded your club selection which is good for peace of mind.

However, when using all three devices together throughout my testing I didn’t enjoy the H4 GPS being on the Pro LX Laser as it felt awkward to do the tagging every shot. If you aren’t using the performance tracking however, the H4 and the Pro LX work together brilliantly and form a hybrid device giving you the best of both worlds in front, middle and back from the H4 and the exact distance to the pin with the laser.

Shot Scope ProLX+ Review

The tagging system is very similar to other Arccos and Game Golf systems I've used in the past. You need half an hour to set up the tags by screwing them into your grips. Then registering each club once you have downloaded the app and registered to Shot Scope - like all technology and stats they’re only as good as the human who inputs the information.

The more thorough you are, the more information can be digested in the app, which is a little fiddly on a phone, I’d suggested an iPad or laptop screen. I’d suggest you do this in your spare time at home not directly after your round when you need to drive home or socialise as it can get frustrating and you need your full attention.

Shot Scope Pro LX+ Verdict

For £329 this is a fantastic bundle, it really is. However as a coach I would be advising clients to start using each product one at a time. It can be very overwhelming and could easily distract you from your golf by getting lost in all of the data and the actual process of capturing that data.

Shot Scope ProLX+ Review

I’d suggest the H4 GPS and performance tracking for a beginner and higher handicap as you can find out how far you hit your clubs, then take this information into using a laser when your handicap drops to 15 or below.

The Pro LX+ is certainly an improvement on its predecessor, it's great value for money and if you used correctly, it will help a lot of golfers learn a lot more about their game and the course they are playing.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Tech geeks who love stats and have a mathematical way of analysing their game. It will also be really useful if you are working with a coach who wants to know your strengths and weaknesses in order to improve.

Would I Use It?

Absolutely when I was playing on tour, now I play more sociable golf and the tagging system would be unnecessary for my game, but I'd happily use the other devices.

Shot Scope ProLX+ Review

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Golfalot Rating: 5 stars


Shot Scope Pro LX+ Golf GPS Rangefinder

Shot Scope Pro LX+ Golf GPS Rangefinder - Product Details

UK Launch31 March 2022
UK Launch RRP£329.99
USA Launch31 March 2022
USA Launch RRP$359.99
European Launch31 March 2022
GolferMens, Women, Senior
Device TypeHybrid GPS Laser
Shot MeasurementYes
Power OptionsRechargeable
Course Capacity36,000
Manufacturer's WebsiteShot Scope Website

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