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Shot Scope may be one of the biggest names in the industry when it comes to shot tracking devices, and we're massive fans of their new X5 GPS, but they also know that not everyone wants to wear a watch whilst they play golf.

Shot Scope Connex Tags Review

That's where their new Connex tracking tags come in. They're designed to give you shot tracking data directly to your phone during the round, without needing the extra burden or cost that comes with wearing a GPS watch.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Golfers who don't want to wear a watch on the course but still want to be able to collect data on their performance during the round, as well as receiving in-play hole information and yardages via the Shot Scope app.

At an RRP of £99.99, although you will be able to find it a little cheaper online, it could also be a good entry-level product for golfers who want to start using technology and shot tracking to improve their game, but aren't quite ready to fork out big money for the top of the range products.

The Tech

The Connex tracking tags work by screwing into the end of your club, and then connecting to the supporting Shot Scope app, allowing golfers to record every shot on-course by tapping the tag against their phone prior to every shot.

Shot Scope Connex Tags Review

The app works as a virtual course guide, with a full bird's eye view aerial map of each hole, and users can tap anywhere on the hole for instant GPS distances, with post-shot analysis available via the aerial maps. You can also get a closer look at the green layout and customise the pin position to help with club selection for each shot.

Using the Connex tags also allows users to benefit from the Shot Scope Academy, which captures more than 100 different statistics from every round, including strokes gained, and can be used to learn more about strengths and weaknesses.

Shot Scope Connex Review

I started off by downloading the Shot Scope app and then adding the Connex as a new device within my account by using the QR Code on the back of the box, which was very straightforward.

Then it's just a case of screwing the right Connex tag in to the top of the corresponding club - they are all labelled which makes it even easier for you when building your bag in the 'My Bag' section.

If you've used Shot Scope tags before then you'll see that they are pretty similar in size to previous iterations which means that they aren't too intrusive when playing, the only time I really notice them is whilst putting as I feel the tag doesn't sit quite as well in the top of my putter as it does with the rest of my clubs.

Shot Scope Connex Tags Review

The concept reminded me a bit of the old Game Golf system where you had to tag before you hit every shot, this time by holding the tag of each club to the camera on your phone, until you feel a vibration and a confirmation message.

Shot Scope Connex Tags Review

It's a bit like using Apple Pay, and I found that it was pretty reliable and quick in picking up the club you're looking to tag.

On the golf course though I found that it was a bit of a faff in all honesty and I didn't really enjoy using the system. The practicality of having to take out your phone, unlock it and press the 'scan' button before every shot just quickly wore a bit thin for me, and it also seemed to drain my battery on my phone as I had to keep unlocking it for every shot.

I also found a few instances where I tagged a club and then changed my mind about what I was going to hit which ended up being a faff to change after the round, whilst standing over the hole with your phone in your hand to tag your putter for a 6 inch tap-in was a little annoying too.

If I was to consider using it I'd need to find some way to incorporate this better into my pre-shot routine so that it didn't feel like so much of a hindrance, and I think I'd only use it during practice or friendly rounds rather than in competitions.

One plus is the Shot Scope app, which is easy to use and clearly displays yardages to the front, middle and back of the green, which is useful when working out what club you'd like to hit as well as showing an overview of each hole.

Shot Scope Connex Tags Review

As always the Shot Scope statistics are great and if you're really looking to get into the nitty-gritty of your performance after every round, as well as spot trends across a longer period of time, then these could be great for you.

The addition of Strokes Gained in the last couple of years is a great way of being able to compare yourself with other golfers of a similar ability or test your skills against better golfers, to be able to see what you need to improve upon to get to the next level.

Shot Scope Connex Tags Review

The beauty of Shot Scope's statistics section is that the more golf you play, the more accurate the stats are going to be.

Shot Scope Connex Verdict

I am a massive fan of Shot Scope products and think that the GPS watches they make are really excellent, but this one feels a bit like a swing and a miss in all honesty.

I just didn't enjoy the process of using the tags and my phone for every shot, it became a bit of a pain and added extra time to every shot.

For golfers who play practice rounds on their own and love collecting stats on their golf, it could be a useful aid as it's not expensive and pretty easy to set up, and the detail you get afterwards might be worth the effort for these people.

Shot Scope Connex Tags Review

Personally I would rather put up the extra money for a slightly better tracking option like Arccos or Shot Scope's own H4 GPS with tracking, which provides you with all of the same great information but in a more user-friendly package.

Would I Use It?

It's not for me, but luckily Shot Scope has something in their lineup for everyone and I would much prefer to either use the X5 GPS with tracking if I wanted to take an in-depth look at my own game, or a Pro L2 for accurate yardages via a rangefinder.

Shot Scope Connex Pros and Cons

Shot Scope Connex Tags Review

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Shot Scope Connex Golf Practice Aid

Shot Scope Connex Golf Practice Aid - Product Details

UK Launch26 July 2023
UK Launch RRP£99.99
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
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