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They say practice makes perfect, so why not make an app that perfects your practice.

For use on the driving range, or practice ground, Practice Pro is a very basic app that tests your practice by suggesting shots based on various pre-set distance options. Simply select how many balls you have and the different yardages you wish to hit to and the app will challenge you to hit a 'low, 150 yard fade' or a 'high, straight 200 yard shot' or any number of other possible shaped shots.

In addition to simply stating the shot, the app offers a few simple tips on alignment to help you achieve the required flight.

Whilst we don't see this being hugely popular due to the lack of players that have a structured practice routine, we do think it is an interesting approach to time on the range.

Perhaps suited to single figure handicappers, you certainly feel like you had a productive practice session. Whilst the tips are very basic and repetitive, they do drill into you the basic steps required to shape shots.

We enjoyed using the app on the range, but didn't feel we would use it on many future sessions. If it were free, we would suggest giving it a try, but we did not think Practice Pro offered enough to merit paying for it.

Golfalot Rating: 2 stars


Practice Pro Shot Generator Golf App

Practice Pro Shot Generator Golf App - Product Details

UK Launch17 June 2011
USA Launch17 June 2011
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
App TypeInstruction
Operating SystemsiPhone
Size (MB)0.4MB
Manufacturer's WebsitePractice Pro Website

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