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The Golf Clinic Short Game app is an instructional app designed to improve your scoring under the tutelage of Per-Ulrik Johansson. The app contains 4 areas; putt, chip, pitch and bunker, each costing £3.99. Within each area, video lessons featuring Per-Ulrik teach you key elements of the short game such as such-up, alignment and reading greens. Once you have digested the lessons you can put your new-found experise to the test using various exercises and tests. These are measured and stored within the app for you to track results and highlights areas that may require more attention.

The quality of the videos and the short, simple lessons make this app very easy to understand and use. The videos are easily accessible and load instantly. Each video is accompanied by text notes for further clarification, although we doubt you will need them. The app is full of useful links and notes to help you understand each area, video or section. The tests and exercises were well thought out, challenging and a lot of fun.

£4 for each lesson may seem a little steep, so we suggest trying one of the areas first to see if it is your cup of tea. Regardless, the Scandinavian accent that accompanies each video is worth the price of admission!

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars



Golf Clinic Short Game Golf App

Golf Clinic Short Game Golf App - Product Details

UK Launch14 July 2011
GolferMens, Women, Senior, Junior
App TypeInstruction
Operating SystemsiPhone
Size (MB)126MB
Manufacturer's WebsiteGolf Clinic Website

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