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Following the launch of the G700 irons I was speaking to Ping and they asked me what I thought. I replied that I felt that a smaller version of the hollow headed irons would be interesting to see. I know they probably don't listen to me, but great minds must be thinking alike as here we are with the Ping i500 irons.

Ping i500 Irons

This is a new category for Ping, but the compact, better player, hot faced hollow headed irons sector has taken off in more ways than one lately, so this is their entry.

Together with the Ping i210 irons, the i500 replaces the Ping i200 irons which was their previous forgiving better player iron and the head length is about the only similarity.

Ping i500 Irons

The hollow 17-4 stainless steel body has a Forged Maraging C330 steel face that is plasma welded on to it in order to maximise ball speeds.

Ping i500 Irons

At impact the top edge of the face is designed to 'relax' to increase launch with less spin from lofts that are 1° to 2.5° stronger than the i120 irons through the set.

Ping i500 Irons

Doing this gets the speed up whilst maintaining the peak height and taking the three models on GC2 with Pro V1x balls illustrated this perfectly.

Ping i500 Irons

With a 5-iron I got the biggest difference of 7 yards over the i210 and 9 yards over the i200. The real difference is the 800 rpm drop in spin compared to the i210 and that combined with a higher launch is what creates the extra distance.

Ping i500 Irons

It was a similar story with the 7-irons, with around the same gains from the club with the biggest 2.5° difference in loft, so getting the same launch, height and descent as the i200 is impressive.

Ping i500 Irons

If these lofts aren't strong enough for you then you can opt for the 'Power Spec' and deloft by another degree, which may sound tempting, but check with a Ping fitter that you have the launch and ball speed to get them airborne with enough height to land and stop and no run through the green.

Ping i210 Irons

Compared to the both the other irons the i500 did of course sound a little more hollow, but it did feel better and more lively than the i200 irons.

Ping i500 Irons

The i210 irons probably had the edge on feel though and there were also a little more consistent. The i500 irons were consistently going further, but with both the 7 and the 5-iron I occasionally got a bullet that came off lower with about half the level of spin, but still went around the average distance.

Ping i500 Irons

This is probably a lower face strike or a closing strike where the upper portion of the face does not have the chance to 'relax' and add loft and spin. It's not the end of the world, but the i500 might be more prone to this than the i210 which operates in a more traditional manner.

Ping i500 Irons

The i500 iron has a thicker hosel, but a thinner sole and top line than the i210 so I can see it suiting better players who want more distance. It is certainly much smaller than the other hollow headed G700 iron, so there could be space for another hollow model between the two...are you listening Ping?

Ping i500 Irons

That would probably be perfect for this style of iron, as between the two i200 replacements I would probably go for the i210 for the better consistency and feel that I think better players will want, even though the extra distance would have been nice.

Ping i500 Irons

Going for i210 would also save you £13 per club or £160 a set, but that is not to say the i500 are over-priced. They are the cheapest in this sector and the same price as the TaylorMade P790 which probably just has the edge in feel and distance, so if this is the style of iron you want then this and the Ping i500 irons are the ones to compare.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Ping i500 Irons - Product Details

UK Launch31 July 2018
UK Launch RRP£1043
USA Launch31 July 2018
European Launch31 July 2018
European Launch RRP€1295
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Swing WeightD1
Shaft NameTrue Temper Dynamic Gold 105 R300, S300
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional Clubs3, GW
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

User Reviews

Simon R Davies
April 2019

I've been Ping since 1987 with different models and this year, after having the Ping i irons for the past four years i wanted a change. I have got friends playing very well with the Taylor Made P790 and they went okay for me. However as soon as i stood over the i500 and hit a few seven irons there was no question what set i was ordering. Looking forward to the i500 arriving this week.

Andy Burgess
October 2018

I took these out for a trial game today and was extremely impressed. Having been a Mizuno player for many years, I wore out sets of TP19’s and TP21’s, this is easily the closest to those types of models Ping has come. The flight at apex seems high but the ball comes off the face with a nice low penetrating flight and more than enough spin. I tried the irons with a ProV1x and a TaylorMadeTP5 with the ProV seemingly generating the most spin. I am pretty sure the Irons are 5-10 yards longer based on what I normally hit into my clubs greens but I’ll wait for the Trackman numbers to confirm. Will take these out again Saturday, I can’t wait, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be ordering a set come 5 pm.

R Harrison
October 2018

Got fitted today after a head to head comparison on the range, then a computerized hitting booth followed by Trackman. A great feel and ball flight is 10 feet higher and a full club longer than my Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal.

September 2018

Best looking irons I’ve ever seen, got fitted for them at the weekend and can’t wait until they arrive so I can get them on the course for real.

August 2018

Recently bought a set of i500s. I needed a new set of irons like I need a hole in my head but, oh well. After 2 rounds my impressions are I like them very much - they fly very, very high and look absolutely stunning. As for feel (sound?) they give a pleasant click. In terms of distance, they go about the same distance as the irons they replaced (Cobra Forged Tec). Good job Ping!

July 2018

Looking for a new set of irons the Ping i500 and the Taylormade P970 made it to the finals. The looks and feel of the i500 are just stunning. They will be the new beauties in my bag!

Andy Crown
July 2018

I’ve been a loyal ‘Pingman’ for many years. As soon as I saw these they ticked all the boxes so I ordered a set straight away - can’t wait to get these in the bag - best looking Pings in many years. #inspired

Terry Smith Jr
July 2018

Hit these the other night. They're amazing! Look great, easy to launch, feel is phenomenal. Ping has been killing it as of late. Going to get a set for sure.

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